#NotANielsenFamily Campaign In Brief

We know that Chuck is on the bubble when it comes to ratings data. We know the ratings system is broken. We know that Chuck has a vocal, passionate fanbase who aren’t counted by the Nielsen ratings. What can we do to be heard? Following in the footsteps of our spotlights on in-show advertisers like Sleep Sheep and de Blob2 comes a new campaign targeting advertisers: #NotANielsenFamily

What is the #NotANielsenFamily campaign?

The brainchild of We Give a Chuck, NANF is a Twitter-based campaign meant to give those of us who aren’t counted in the Nielsen ratings a chance to let advertisers know that Chuck fans are engaged and notice their commercials & product placement. The first organized NANF live event was April 18 and it generated very favorable responses from the advertisers we Tweeted. Pepsi, Super Shuttle, Stouffers, and more responded with surprised and pleased Tweets to many fans. The campaign will continue over the next few weeks (including the April 25 rerun) as we lead up to NBC’s May 16th announcement of their 2011-2012 schedule.

How do I participate?

Easy peasy: just fire up your Twitter account during while watching Chuck, then send a Tweet to an advertiser telling them you saw their product or ad while watching the show. Be sure to use the #NotANielsenFamily hashtag and include @NBC in the Tweet. For example: Dear @DietPepsi: Saw your ad with David Beckham while watching #Chuck on @NBC. Made me thirsty! #NotANielsenFamily

Who do I Tweet?

WGAC has a handy list of advertisers and their Twitter handles posted here. Please also note the guidelines for Tweeting responsibly to ensure our campaign’s success.

I can’t watch and Tweet at the same time. Can I send a message later?

You bet! WGAC is updating the list of advertisers after each episode, so feel free to stop by, take a look at the list and Tweet to a few whose ads/products you remember.

What else can I do?

Want to go the extra mile for Chuck? Take a photo of yourself with an advertiser’s product or visiting one of their locations and Tweet it to the advertiser! More info on how to do that is at WGAC.

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  1. are international fans welcome or allowed to participate in this ad?

    • Yes, although many international viewers see different (or no) ads than viewers in the U.S., so please make sure you Tweet to companies who are advertising on the US broadcast.

      • is there anyway you can let international fans know what companies ads’ appeared in the US television during an episode?

      • Yes, click on the link to WGAC provided above to see the list of advertisers, updated after each episode.

  2. I am not only Nielsenless, but Twitterless as well. I wish this was something I could do from my home computer, say, via e-mail.

    • You could, oh I don’t know, sign up for Twitter.

      • To totally expose the depths of my technological backwardness:
        (1) What is Twitter and what does it do?
        (2) Where does one go to sign up? The phone company? Twitter Inc?
        (3) What does Twitter cost per month?
        I’ll paint the answers on the wall of my cave and get right to it.

      • (1) It’s a microblogging service that lets you communicate with people around the world, 140 characters at a time.
        (2) www.twitter.com
        (3) Only the time you’ll lose checking your Twitter feed and Tweeting to your friends.

      • I just did it, Mel! I signed up for Twitter. The main problem with my first mesaage was conciseness. My verbosity ran afoul of the 140-word limit and I had to leave much unsaid. Now I’ll twitter the sponsors and save “Chuck”.

  3. Don’t forget rewardtv also

  4. Facebook like the companies to and post

  5. Apparently Josh Schwartz (by way of twitter) says to keep it up and that it’s working.

  6. I have been and will keep on tweeting! This show is worth saving. Watch Chuck, and support NBC & Chuck sponsors!