SPOILERS: Another Agent X Clue

Ausiello has another clue to Agent X’s identity in today’s Ask Ausiello column:

Question: Any clue as to who (or even what) Agent X is on Chuck? —Chris
It’s someone we know. How can I be sure? ‘Cause exec producer Chris Fedak told me so! Fedak also revealed that the Season 4 finale (airing May 16) is both “epic” and one of “the most expensive episodes.” The last scene also sets up a doozy of a fifth season. Now all we need is that pesky pickup from NBC!

On a sidenote, after watching the trailer for “Chuck vs. Agent X”, I emailed one of my sources at NBC to exclaim over it. Although they refused to give any clues about Agent X’s identity (coupled with an evil “mwahahaha”), the source revealed that this was a difficult episode to cut to promo because normally Ellie finding out would be the big deal, but that wasn’t even the biggest part of the episode. Once we see who’s behind that door, things just get crazier. Can’t wait!

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  1. it can’t be mama B cuz vivian said agent x is only one that can defeat volkoff and mama B was with him for very long time…

  2. I dont really want it to be someone we know…..I cant think of anyone that would live up to my expectations of Agent X

  3. Are we forgetting the end scene of episode 19, where Ellie’s asleep and the computer confirms “Eleanor Faye Bartowski” and then opens “Agent X Files?” Ellie’s Agent X.


    • good point, chuckster. ive thought about that too. great name btw

    • itabashi zangitan


      yeah, why would orion give Ellie, the agent X files. The only reason is to protect her. Probably the same way he wants to protect chuck and ellie when he dies at the end of season 3. He wants to protect them from Volkov and other organizations like him? Organizations that are after the Intersect.

      From the promo, agent X has got to be the original intersect. Somewhere along the timeline, between chuck as a kid to chuck in the pilot episode, there have been other intersects.

      Maybe Orion only modified Agent X’s intersect files for upload to Ellie, otherwise why even reference Agent X in his laptop at all. Agent X is Orion’s former partner.

      If Ellie or whoever uploads Agent X’s files, they won’t become Agent X. They’ll be whoever they are with Intersect abilities.

  4. Just wanted to drop some knowledge here.

    First, at the end of some recent episode (19 like said above), Orion’s laptop identifies Elli and shows here Agent X files. That does not mean Elli IS Agent X.

    Second, in the promo, Chuck says he was the first human intersect (referring to him being intersected as a child, I guess). The only other intersect from that time (pre season 1) we know of has been Orion himself.

    Also, Vivian does not know this other Intersect. And, Chuck and Casey apparently haven’t visited him/her before.

    Looks to me like it’s gotta be Jeff.

    • itabashi zangitan

      funny pascal, how you reached that conclusion also. That it’s Jeff.

      We know so much about the lives of so many of the main characters that them being Agent X is definately ruled out. For example, John Casey or Morgan Grimes.

      It’s got to be someone who’s past we relatively don’t know that well, and most likely of an adult crime fighting age when they had assumed the mantle of Agent X.

  5. There is only one character that was introduced and never explored that could be tied in relatively easily. Eve Shaw. After Sarah shot her in her Red test she never checks to see if she was dead. It would explain why they thought Eve went Rogue and why they sent Sarah to kill her. Its probably the best character that you could reintroduce that could bring back Shaw as the ultimate bad guy and a great season arc for Season 5.

    • I think that would be the most amazing plot addition possible. I have been waiting to see Shaw come back for quite some time now, and I haven’t been able to fit any other character in my mind as Agent X.

    • very nice thought. +1 to this. It could happen. Some reason though I get the feeling that the house they visit at the end of the video is a local house. Unless Eve lives close by then i wouldnt say that its her. But above it says it is someone we know…and we never really knew Eve, so idk. 7pm C just needs to get here already!

  6. Agent X was an excellent episode and what a great surprise as to who Agent X is!!! I thought he was gone for the season and now–there he is–Timothy Dalton–no wonder his evil self had such fear in agent x.

  7. Hi all, I was thinking it might b Daddy Volkoff. Here how I see it – Papa B, Mama B & Humphery (Papa V) were the original Team B. Humphery was their Casey who went undercover (Like Sarah did in vs The Gobbler) – having Downloaded the original intercest which went wrong & Alexi Volkoff was Born! The CIA realised the created a monster & has spent the last 30 years trying to take care of it. Papa & Mama B have spent the same time trying 2 restore their Former Teammate. INTERESTING!!!

  8. well, we got that wrong, didn’t we?