Mekenna Melvin Reveals Her Choice of Spy Code Name

In an interview with (a sister site of, Chuck co-star Mekenna Melvin talks about being nervous when she first joined the cast, playing opposite Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez, and what her spy code name would be if Alex decides to join the family business:

Already thinking ahead and picking out an undercover name, Mekenna thought it would be appropriate to use Baby Casey — a moniker that the Chuck fans have already been using – though it would probably blow Casey’s cover. So, thinking along the lines of something she could see Alex really using, Mekenna picked out the code name “Charging Bull.” Talk about confident! Mekenna and her character Alex clearly are both secure in their strength and are willing to take charge as necessary.

(read the full interview…)

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  1. My CIA handle; Dirty Blonde

  2. I also hope that we get to see Alex recruited into the spy world. Coming to Morgan or Casey’s rescue would be really cool to see.