Ratings News: Chuck vs. the Last Details (UPDATED)

Although last night’s episode of Chuck was filled with gasp-worthy (I just made that up!) stuff and Star Wars theme music, Chuck vs. the Last Details failed to pull in the numbers we hope for from week to week. With a 7% drop from last week to 1.3 in the demo, and the same happening to all shows across the board in this time slot, it certainly appears as if no one is watching television on Monday nights. Or maybe they were watching the NBA playoffs? There are still many who are cleaning up after dealing with killer tornadoes and floods as well. These could all be contributing factors.

In any case, this episode tied the series low but at least it didn’t fall below that.

Updated 4:20PM: TVBTN reports that the final numbers for Chuck and a lot of other shows adjusted up; Chuck now ranks at a 1.4 in the demo with 4.1 million viewers. None of the other NBC shows adjusted up, meaning Chuck won the night by two-tenths of a point in the demo.

Reminder: Head over to RewardTV.com and complete the Chuck game/survey to be counted by Nielsen as a viewer last night. Also check out the renewal campaign activities here and help get a season 5.

(Source: TV By the Numbers.)

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  1. May 16th. Between now and then, Chuck either gets a 5th season or it doesn’t. The upfronts will be announced before Chuck’s last episode this season so it won’t be a factor in the decision (barring a move-up time to an earlier day).

    Good luck, Chuck. Unfortunately, with numbers like these, you will need it.

    Enjoying the ride to the end or the 5th.

  2. We Give a Chuck is reporting on twitter that the final official numbers for last night was a 1.4, not much but every bit helps.

  3. yes adjustment

  4. noooooooooooooooooooo!! I was in love with this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why is it some of the best episodes of Chuck get such poor ratings?
      I thought this episode was as close to perfect as any Chuck episode has aver been. Right up there with Phase 3, Colonel and the rest of the great ones.

      • Numbers would be up if there had been some promotion perhaps. Great episode…great actors…I am confident that both NBC / Comcast and Warner Brothers are aware of the diamond in the rough they have in Chuck fans. There will be a Season 5….. I just may come by way of a mid-season filler or 13 episodes up front. Perhaps another night or time, but Chuck will return!

      • that;s right i never see promotions for episodes. if i win the powerball i’m going to give this show the financial backing it truely deserves

      • I know….I am still at a loss as to why there are not more people watching this highly entertaining show.
        I too, thought that this one of the top episodes. It was firing on all cylinders. The whole cast seemed to be having so much fun in this episode and it translated through their acting.
        I give this episode a 10 out of 10

  5. Hm so this is really the last run we can make for Chuck this week, let’s see what we can do then :)! I would love to see a 5th season and I hope our compains have done the trick and that NBC is rewarding us wish a 5th season.

  6. Oops I mean campaigns* ofcourse

  7. The idiots at ET said be prepared to say goodbye to chuck!!!!!!!!!!

  8. roger that!but they cld also mean bye to chuck season 4 & hello to chuck season 5.fingers crossed!

  9. With Chuck having the best of ratings on a poor night for NBC (as well as Chuck) perhaps they should try to salvage one of their better shows by shifting it to Friday–opinions? Or would that even be a consideration–it seems most piublications are pessimistic about a season 5 for Chuck. It sounds like NBC has already lined up some sure fails for the Fall–they should take advantage of loyal fan support–doubt if they are smart enough to do that–we need to hit high gear with the advertisers. We, the fans, deserve at least one more wrap up season.

    • The timeslot issue has been argued since season 2. The reality is that nothing else NBC puts in that slot performs as well as Chuck. Why cannibalize another show that could succeed elsewhere when you know Chuck can fill the slot ably?

  10. Im from ENGLAND chuck is the best every show episode 23 was great they cannt let sarah die,chuck and sarah waited so long to be together and now they are the writers go do somethink like this i do hope they dont kill sarah off they have been going on about the wedding it would be nice if season 4 ended with a happy ending where sarah and chuck got married right at the end that would be a lovely ending to end the episode and then a clean start to a season 5 so come on NBC RENEW CHUCK FOR SEASON 5 CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK it will come back better then before with more action,romance,and comady so renew chuck season 5

  11. According to Entertainment Beacon, CHUCK is renewed for 13 shows!!!!!!

  12. i wish subway would stick it’s neck out on the chuck finale if chuck gets over 10 million viewers then the next day everyone in america would get a free six inch sub with purchase of a medium drink. Someone from SUBWAY READ THIS MAKE IT HAPPEN PRONTO!!!!!