Variety, Ausiello, Deadline Say Season 5 Happening (UPDATED)

Finally, some NBC renewal/pick up scoop! Variety is reporting that their sources say Chuck “is likely to return for at least 13 episodes.” Remember that Chuck has always started the season with a 13-episode order, then had it lengthened (except for season 1 when the writers’ strike prevented extra episodes). For the uninitiated, Variety is a well-respected industry magazine. Things could change between now and Sunday when NBC officially announces their schedule, but this is a hugely positive indication of Chuck‘s future.

UPDATED 5:45PM: Ausiello is now reporting that his sources confirm a fifth season as well. NBC has declined to comment as the deal has not yet been signed.

Updated 5:47PM: Deadline is also reporting the pickup.

Updated 5:50PM: Three reliable sources saying the same thing is enough to move this from “fingers crossed” to the “semi-official” category and give it the lead news spot. Expect something official from NBC soon.


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  1. Never say die Chucksters! I love our fandom because we never give up! So happy for the cast too!


      vote now chucksters

  2. This is SUPER!!!!!!! i’m grinning like crazy 😀

  3. Awesome news! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I will celebrate by going to Subway for lunch.

  4. Iam so happy. we finally get 5th season congratulations to everyone:))))
    thank you NBC!!!!

  5. Not counting this as a done deal yet…. As solid as the sources are, they’re not perfect so I’ll wait for the actual official word from the conference call on Sunday before moving from “optimism” to “celebration”.

    But hey, “optimism” is far better than the “general feeling of dread” I was going with before these reports.

  6. So does this mean that Chuck now qualifies for syndication? I assume that would be the major reason to give it a 5th season pickup! Now we can watch Chuck in syndication right?

  7. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need to keep the #NotANielsenFamily campaign going all next season as well. This way the sponsors will know that “We are Here! We are Here!”

  8. Let me quote the great Roger Daltrey to show my joy at this announcement:
    Chuck will NEVER DIE!!!

  9. Great news everyone!!!! Got to say did the WB deluxe tour today, told the guide I was a huge Chuck fan and he said that the show was renewed and it was confirmed!!!! I mean it’s not official yet, but the guys got the inside knowledge here, so my guess is that it’s pretty good!!!!But as others have been saying, still waiting for the official announcement to completely celebrate….
    Got to see part of the Chuck set (the fountain, the apartment, the morgan door…) was pretty cool!!!!!

    One for all and all for CHUCK!!!! We conquer yet again!!!!

  10. This is great news if true! Guess we’ll look forward to Sunday when NBC shows their Fall line up. It would be such a relief after getting Human Target and Breaking In cancelled on Fox (I officially hate Fox! Firefly, Tru Calling, Sarah Conner Chronicles all the same way). Here’s hoping the Season Finale Monday is truly a SEASON Finale!