PREVIEW: Chuck Season 4 Finale

Will the wedding actually happen? Will someone literally hang off a cliff? It’s season finale time on Chuck, and we have a lot to look forward in this episode.

OPERATION BARTOWSKI RACES TO TAKE DOWN VIVIAN VOLKOFF AS SHE THREATENS CHUCK AND SARAH’S WEDDING – LINDA HAMILTON, LAUREN COHAN, MEKENNA MELVIN, RICHARD BURGI AND TIMOTHY DALTON GUEST STAR – Before he can kiss the bride, Chuck (Zachary Levi) must enlist his wedding party to take down Vivian Volkoff (guest star Lauren Cohan) and stop her from destroying the big day. When he turns to Alexei Volkoff (guest star Timothy Dalton) for help, the CIA sends its toughest agent, Clyde Decker (guest star Richard Burgi), to stop them. Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay, Mark Christopher Lawrence and Bonita Friedericy also star.

“Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger” airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC. Too excited to wait? Join us in analyzing the promo for the episode, take a look at the photos, and watch 3 scenes from tonight. Don’t forget to join us for this season’s final live chat, beginning at 7:45/6:45c!

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Now that NBC has picked up Chuck for a fifth season, it’s time to say thanks to the network, studio and advertisers for giving fans a final season to wrap up the story. WGAC is once again spearheading a Twitter campaign, encouraging fans to send their thanks. Visit the website for details.

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  1. Hi all, I won’t see this episode till 2morrow – but I can’t wait – from the promo it looks as good if not better than Season 2’s vs the Ring (love that end ep.) Those of u who will b watching it 2night – Enjoy! Will b So Jelous!

  2. Me is so happy its Monday. My brain would explode if I had to wait any longer to see what happens.

  3. Are we actually gonna get some Carina and Zondra?

    thanks so much for a fifth season(: Chuck fans loooooooooove NBC(: <3

  5. Just read a really awful spoiler. Almost gonna quit watching the show. This is coming from a guy who watched seasons 1 to 3 four times in 6 months. Really sad day :\'(

    • Why would U Quit the show? Its still great 1. Whats wrong with season 4 John?

      • I read a spoiler about the season 4 finale and I don’t like what they did. It went against everything I felt the show was. I love season 4 and I think I’ll always love this show but what they’re doing now, at the finale, is just ridiculous. Maybe my opinion will change after I watch the episode but where they’re taking it, is aggravating.

        I think I’ll always see Chuck as seasons 1 and 2, barely any of 3, and maybe a bit of 4, but the rest of the episodes are not even the same. It’s lost all the essence of seasons 1 and 2 that made me fall in love with the show. The “feel” is completely gone if you know what I’m saying.

        It’s changed for me and I think most of the blame is not to the creators but to the budget cuts and NBC, at the last second, having to order 9 more episodes. Because of that, the writers have to come up with less-thought episodes that are quite forgettable and you almost wish they weren’t there.

        I’ll still watch Chuck and I think I will to the end, the whole quitting thing was to, I think, help make a point. The show is definitely different, from when you’re looking back at the episodes of seasons 1 and 2, and I think in some of the episodes of season 4 I see the “essence” of the earlier Chuck that made me fall in love with it. That small chunk of “essence” is what makes me tune in every week but a lot are just some I wish never happened.

        I’ll still watch I’m just really sad it’s turned more into a serialized drama then an action and fun comedy

      • Wow, way to dampen the excitement people were feeling, John. And over something you haven’t even seen yet.

      • I take it all back!!! Just saw the episode!!!! Wow what a show!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

      • Yeah! I knew you would say that. Seriously, wasn’t it one of the best episodes ever? With all the flashbacks to the earlier seasons it really felt like a great final episode. I just hope they find a way to end the show in a great way similar to the end this would have been.

        However I certainly hope for more than 13 new episodes for season 5, even though I don’t really see how that would come along. Thanks NBC for renewing my favourite show!! Can’t wait for season 5. GO CHUCK!!!

    • How bad could the spoiler be?

  6. On the same site that spoils the finale, it also lists the cast and crew. It lists Ali Adler and Matt Miller as executive producer. Any idea if this is correct?

  7. I’ve learned throughout this whole season after being wrong guessing what the show title means or refers to, to just stop despite how obvious “Cliffhanger” is of a title. I’m going to go with bury my head in the sand and see what happens.

  8. Oh, gosh, Morgan with the Intersect…either this is going to turn into an AWESOME mixture of Seasons 1 and 3, or (providing that Chuck can still get the Intersect back with the Orion computer) an EVEN MORE AWESOME double-Intersect dream team!

  9. Morgan as the intersect…that just isn’t going to work. Not sure how they will proceed with that in season 5.

  10. UnleashTheCasey

    No spoiler here, but the finale was… WOW. Probably would have been better served as a double like last year, but… wow. Season 5 is gonna be a whole different animal…

    • I agree!

      So happy to see Chuck and Sarah married, and as freelancers!

      I find it funny that Morgan got intersected by mistake! Do you really think that he will stay like this for all the next season? Come on, people!

      I loved, loved, LOVED the season finale! Very touching scenes between Chuck and Sarah! Nice to see team B. in great shape! And seeing the new Team B. about to find who was manipulating everything? OH YEAH! Bring on season 5!

  11. Agreed. As much as I liked Chuck and Sarah having their wedding, Morgan as the Intersect is just plain wrong.

  12. Hey all you pessimistic chuck fans. I think that this could be interesting!!(: its something that the writers could so a lot with(: I also think that they could have gone in a different direction that could’ve been more pleasing but this could be awesome(as chuck ALWAYS is) I just happened to love this episode and everything about it(: Chuck went all Phase 3 on us, Hartley is awesome, what they did with Vivians character was just incredible, and the wedding? Well that was just…perfect. I loved this episode, season, and series(:
    Long live Chuck (aka mr sarah walker)

  13. roger that FiveG thats why i get to feel some of what’s john feeling right now i’m a big fan really but i watch it coz chuck’s the intersect he’s good at it so why muddle the story by giving it to morgan?i’m not excited for season 5 if morgan’s gonna be the new intersect might as well stop watching the show sorry guys but that’s the way i feel.

  14. Awesome episode as always but really they weren’t lying when they said they could have ended it or gone on. Fedak and crew did an EXCELLENT job! Since the first 13 episodes, this was the first episode for me that put things back to that true Season 1 feeling.

    I can’t wait for Season 5 man I’m going to go nuts all summer like last waiting for it to start up again! Now I have that feeling that Season 5 just might not be enough with this whole new direction lol.


  15. First off, this episode of Chuck was AMAZING and quite possibly a new personal favorite. It was very well written and it could have worked perfectly for either a series finale or just the season’s (Thank goodness it was just the season!)

    The Wedding was INCREDIBLE, I’m glad things turned out the way they did with Hartley and Vivian, and I LOVE that they’re starting their own undercover spy team in Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Bartowski’s new store. As for Morgan becoming the intersect, It will make for a few good and funny episodes, but I’d be willing to bet that he wont go long without the intersect. Overall, Excellent episode! I’m stoked for Season 5!!! Well done Chuck team!

  16. amalia.kartika

    awesome finale… but i kinda disappointed Chuck get de-intersected… hope season 5 there will be double intersect.. btw, the wedding was so gorgeous…. can’t wait for the Season 5… yeaaayyy…..

  17. I loved that Chuck and Sarah still had their “homemade” (string) rings on their fingers during the wedding and in the limo.
    FANTASTIC episode. I am loving, (well I guess I should use the past tense now), loved the connection between Chuck and Sarah the latter part of this season.
    Jury still out for me as to Morgan downloading the intersect, but I wasn’t too sure about him finding about Chuck being a spy, but I love the fact that he is involved now, especially because of the chemistry between him and Casey.

  18. Having slept on it, I was disappointed. There were many missed opportunities to make it a truly phenomenal episode. For instance, the fade to black in the hosp room at the last commercial — wouldn’t it have been far more heart wrenching if Sarah had opened her eyes and they had a scene that was reminiscent of the end of The Other Guy? Why did Alexi suddenly regain his courage to see his daughter? That made no sense. I also kept waiting for the wedding to turn out to be a dream, esp. given the way they ended the last hosp scene and given the soft focus of the scene.

    And I really dislike the Morgan as Intersect thing. Not only do I think as a character it doesn’t work, and not only does it logically not make sense, but it is too gimmicky. It would have been a very effective cliff hanger to leave it with Decker’s threat.

    Lastly, many of the resolutions — Alexi talking Vivian into turning good again; Decker backing down; Team B getting to be back in Burbank without fear of Decker and the CIA chasing them, Sarah looking healthy as if nothing had happened in the wedding — were just too easy.

    While I am beyond glad that Chuck and Sarah get married, overall I felt that the episode had so much potential, but missed the mark. It also didn’t have the Mojo that Last Details had. Hopefully they can go into Season 5 by taking care of things that don’t work (Morgan as Intersect) early on, because they are now very well set up to do the Mr. and Mrs. Smith as Private Spies thing, which could be a lot of fun.

  19. roger that FiveG!chuck shld be the only intersect he’s quite good at it i’m a big fan really but if morgan’s gonna be the season 5 intersect then i’ll stop watching the show.sorry guys but that’s the way i feel.

  20. Just to finish up my thinking: if the idea is to have Chuck and Sarah and Casey be Morgan’s handlers/trainers/senseis, and to have the story line be Morgan becoming an Intersect-bearing spy, that would be like watching Ewoks train to be Jedi Masters. No thanks.

  21. Loved the episode! But,

    Chuck needs to be the Intersect, please please! I love Zac as it and frankly he’s really good as it.
    Morgan is better as the awkward, clumsy nerd the way he is now, and if they centre the show on Morgan, they may as well change the show’s title from Chuck to Morgan :/