Friday Five: Things I’ve Always Wondered About Chuck

Mel: This week’s Friday Five is courtesy of Chuck fan Don who sent in a selection to choose from, all of which were better than what I had in mind.

Five Things Don Has Always Wondered About Chuck

  1. I’ve always wondered what happened to Anna Wu.
  2. I’ve always wondered about Big Mike’s family/back story.
  3. I’ve always wondered if we’d see Cole Barker again.  Maybe season 5 for one last time?
  4. I’ve always wondered how Stephen and Mary became spies.
  5. I’ve always wondered why in Chuck vs. Santa Claus when Ned lets everyone call a loved one, Casey calls his mother and says “Mother…….Johnny boy.”  If Casey’s real name is Alex Coburn, why does he identify himself as Johnny to his mother?

Mel: Excellent list! I’ve wondered about those things as well. Chucksters, what have you always wondered about?

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  1. I’m now okay if Cole Barker appears again. I was always squeamish whenever Charah had other romantic interests. It always felt like my emotions were being destroyed.

    • ultimatechucklover

      I agree but it would be cool for him to return now since they are MARRIED!!! That is sooo weird to type. 🙂 I have been dying to see if he gonna return he was great and funny!

  2. I wonder if Casey really did call his mother, since everybody thought he was dead.

    And nr. 4, always wondered that too.

  3. Johnny boy was code to alert the authorities, was it not?

  4. Yeah, I think casey was allerting the CIA/NSA as for Cole, Cole was one of the few love interests that seemed to really seemed to like Chuck, and seemed to be a genuinely nice guy even if he did have his own interests, but I would love to see Team Bartowski contact Cole for help or something next season

  5. I’ve always wondered what happened to Jill.

    I’ve always wondered why Sarah chose Dad over Mum.

    I’ve always wondered what happened to Harry Tang.

    I’ve always wondered about where Sarah learned to fight like she does.

    I’ve always wondered about how Chuck will end.

    • Good call! I think if Cole comes back (Sarah’s former potential love interest) then Jill needs to as well (Chuck’s former love interest).

    • I believe Harry Tang was made a manager at a pineapple farm in Hawaii.

      I suspect Sarah learned to fight at the Farm (except for knife throwing, which she obviously had learned before she joined the CIA)

    • Well. . .for some reason I don’t think that mum, as you put it, is still around. She was staying at Grandma’s when her dad would pick her up. So I’m thinking that dad is all that she has; either because mom is dead or simply not reachable. Of course with the later the wonderful writers could always bring her into the picture later on.

    • In the beginning, Sarah was trained by her father and then she has trained at the CIA;)

    • O ya!! i remember that Harry Tang went to hawaii to be a manager of a pineapple farm, but i forgot that Jill ran off, when Chuck gave her the ring!! And of course everyone wants to know how Chuck will end!! Hopefully something happy and exciting!!

  6. I’ve always wondered how Sarah explained her lifestyle within her cover. Porches and Lotuses (Lotusi?) aren’t cheap. And did she even have a cover during season 4?

    I’ve always wondered what Chuck and Ellie’s life was like while she was in college and he (I think) was in high school.

    I’ve always wondered who lives in what appears to be the fourth unit in the courtyard (the other three being Casey, Chuck/Sarah, and Ellie/Devon).

    • [quote]I’ve always wondered who lives in what appears to be the fourth unit in the courtyard (the other three being Casey, Chuck/Sarah, and Ellie/Devon).[quote/]

      Mrs. Harbatchcan.

      I’ve always wondered why nobody in the building seems to be nosy about what goes on in the courtyard. My neighbours are really curious and it’s on a street. 😉

      • Is your house in LA? I found no one curious in LA, of course they could’ve just been looky-lous without letting on that they were curious. It’s only in the small towns that I have found curiosity being the rule.

    • The fancy cars always bothered me, too. How does a girl who works at a yogurt shop or a hot dog shop afford a Porshe? And what did they tell everyone at the Buy More who happened to ask what Sarah did during S4? Obviously they would have noticed that she wasn’t next door at the Orange Orange anymore (did it burn with the Buy More?).

    • UnleashTheCasey

      I’m guessing that the 4th was origially Kayla Hart’s, Natalie Martinez’s character that got cut in the pilot.

  7. I’ve always wondered about what Morgan did during all those years that Chuck was at Stanford.

    I’ve always wondered what happened at and after the rehersal dinner when Chuck and Sarah walked off hand and hand and “it is real.”

    I’ve always wondered about what Shaw has been doing.

    I’ve always wondered about Sarah’s years at Harvard.

    I’ve always wondered what Chuck did in those three weeks in Prague that could have possibly caused him to abandon Sarah.

    I’ve always wondered what Sarah did immediately after being abandoned on the train platform.

    In other words, the showrunners REALLY, REALLY have a lot of holes in the narrative.

    • You could say the same about a lot of shows, maryfrann. They leave these “holes” either because they aren’t important to the story or as an opening for later stories.

    • “I’ve always wondered about what Morgan did during all those years that Chuck was at Stanford”

      -Not sure if this is correct but I’ve always assumed that Morgan worked at the BuyMore while Chuck was at Stanford.

      “I’ve always wondered what Chuck did in those three weeks in Prague that could have possibly caused him to abandon Sarah”

      -Chuck didn’t run away with Sarah because he thought he was going to become a spy through his training in Prague and have a chance to help people.

    • where does it say Sarah went to Harvard??

      • the NBC “spy dossiers” on the Chuck website…but ever since she went undercover at Volkoff Industries they took it down. Perhaps in keeping with the whole expunging her records thing?

    • UnleashTheCasey

      He went to Prague to train to be a spy but faild.

  8. 1) Anna Wu had her return and it underwhelmed.
    2) Big Mike’s backstory is secondary to Awesome’s backstory. How did he become so awesome?
    3) Cole Barker would make a great supplement to Team Bartowski’s anti-consipiracy task force, along with Jill. The PLI aspect would be off of the table because of Charah’s marriage.
    4) Mama and Papa B’s backstory is the most logical way to wrap up the series.
    5) I can’t believe that people are actually wondering about this! He said “Mother… Johnny boy” because the Alex Coburn backstory had not yet been written! Also, the line was written for laughs. The Alex Coburn story is a retcon of this scene.

    • 1) I always wondered if Shaws wife was really killed that day on Sarah’s red-test. Sarah never checked the body to make sure she was dead and THAT could make for a great storyline!
      2) @Karl – Alex Coburn’s backstory not being written yet is not an excuse for a continuity flaw in the story? Production companies hire tons of Assistants to prevent such things from happening?
      3) I always wondered if Ellie was a guinea pig in the Intersect build. She was much older than Chuck and had to know what was going on?
      4) Back during Chuck vs. The Suburbs it seemed pretty clear that NOT JUST ANYONE could accept the intersect? Yet it seems that a lot of people have been able to “juice up” especially now with Morgan? How is that the The Ring in the Suburbs could not find viable candidates but Stacey Keibler and the Old Spice dude can rock an Intersect? Whats up with that?
      5) I always wonder if Kristin Kreuk’s character was actually a spy who fell in love with Chuck and abandoned her mission to kill him.

      • 1) Good point. Always check for brain matter!
        4) You’re missing a key word there: “SUCCESSFULLY”. So far Chuck is the only person who has been able to successfully integrate and use the Intersect, and even he had some problems with it. We don’t know yet how/if Morgan will handle the Intersect.

      • And the Intersect was not designed to go into the head of an emotional person like Chuck in the first place. It was designed to go into the head of a “real spy” like Bryce Larkin. Funny how things work out. Now with Morgan, it is once again in the head of someone other than the one for whom it was designed.

      • 4) Also you have to note that the intersect that The Ring was using wasn’t made by Steven Bartowski. . .so it was a knockoff that didn’t have all of the kinks worked out.

      • #5 is a really good point and I think the storyline could have worked out really well if that had been the case. It’s possible that it could have been written this way but cut short to make time the rest of the storyline.

  9. point 5 is exactly What i was wondering!

  10. 1. I think Anna`s story line ended in season 3 for good, i see no reason to bring her back now that Casey`s daughter Alex is in the picture 🙂
    2. Big Mike is great & funny but i don’t care that about his backstory 🙂
    3. Just lame
    4. This is the most interesting & exciting question, i hope we`l get a answer in season5
    5. Like everyone said it was either meant for fun to make him silly around his mother or it was a way to alert the NSA about what’s happening.

    Sub Note : I don’t know how everyone else feels about Cole`s return in season5 but i sure don’t want to see something like that, for me he wasn’t a nice guy & he sure didn’t respect Chuck, he kept hitting on Sarah till he had to leave back to England and even then he gave a last try to take her with him.. so i don’t see how that makes him a nice guy… since he obviously knew she had feelings for Chuck and the other way around, he even told her he noticed how she looks at Chuck.
    I think we had enough angst & love triangles in season3 , the series final season should be on a light note 🙂

  11. I’ve often wondered whether Sarah has a sister or not. My guess is no, but the issue has never been resolved (as best I know).

    Also, I wonder what happened to Jill. She was fulcrum, but that group is no more. So, what is she doing now and will we see her again?

  12. Where’s Sarah’s mother? The brief mention of her earlier in season 4 coupled with the upcoming wedding made it a sure bet that she and the blonde lobster sister would turn up. Oops, bad bet. I think this would be one of the most interesting bits of backstory that season 5 could delve into. I’m putting my money (here I go betting aagin) on Sarah’s mum being European, maybe Polish refugee growing up in Germany, which would explain Sarah’s proficiency in German and Polish. Dad was a U.S. serviceman stationed in Europe and met her there. As for Anna Wu, we know where she went: looking for a guy in Hawaii who could flip the shrimp better than Morgan. Seems she realised there’s more to a solid relationship than mere shrimp-flipping and came back for Morgan, to no avail.

  13. I always wondered why they never had a funeral for Chuck and Ellie’s dad. Could Stephen Bartowski reunite with his family, again?

    • I well I always assumed that the “Ring” Kept his body (to regenerate?) who knows but once the ring was destroyed i would think that the government kept it as evidence and the writers also probably wanted to keep the story plot open to allow him to possibly come back to life? Who knows? Just my thinking 🙂

    • It was probably “classified” and Papa B probably would not have wanted the attention because he was off the grid for so long

  14. In Season 2 (episodes 1 and 2), why did the CIA/NSA go through the effort and expense of building Castle under the Orange-Orange when Casey’s mission was to kill Chuck as soon as the new Intersect was up and running?

    • they only revealed Castle after it was known that Chuck was the only intersect and they needed him!

  15. Like Chuckfan50 and Dr. Bob, I wonder most about Sarah’s sister and her mother. Was she telling a story for the cover? Is Sarah’s mom still alive? Will we ever find out???

    Oh – I also wonder about Carina’s real name. But that’s just me! 😉

  16. I’ve wondered –

    What’s Sarah’s “real” name.

    Anything about Sarah’s mom.

    Why do we never see any of the apartment neighbors.

    What happened to the Orange-Orange

    Is the only entrance to Castle thru the theater room at the Buy More.

    • There is also the entrance from the breakroom behind the lockers.

    • And the many entrances though the air ducts right?

    • Her real name is Sam. She told it to shaw in the episode where Chuck acted like the hitman those mob guys hired. Chuck also found out because he was listening in from another building with a sniper rifle.

      • Sam is probably short for Samantha, right??

      • I wonder if Chuck will call her Sam not that they don’t work for the government anymore… I guess its her legal name but mid season three she seemed like she wanted to be her old self again…

  17. I’ve always wondered what happened to Morgan’s Dad.
    I’ve always wondered why Chuck stopped going out on on-site installs and who’s doing them now?
    I’ve always wondered if Chuck is going to buy his own car, or if Sarah will ever let him drive her Porsche?
    I’ve always wondered what ever happened to their Golden Retriever from Chuck .vs the Suburbs and if they are going to get a dog now that they are married for real?
    I’ve always wondered if Sarah and Carina were sisters?

  18. I always wondered why in the Pilot when Sarah was in her black Ninja suit while escaping from chuck’s “after trashing his computer”, she is jumping down into the courtyard. Chuck is on the first floor.

    • For the same reason that Morgan is rapelling down on a bedsheet tied to the window of Chuck’s bedroom in the pilot’s opening scene: They used a different set to film the pilot, and a different studio if I recall the story correctly, which had Chuck living in an upstairs flat. Look at the position of the front door when Morgan leaps into Chuck’s arms to tell Ellie and Awesome that Chuck has a date. They filmed the pilot much earlier than the filming bloc for the remaining 12 episodes. By the time they filmed episode 2 they had the sets laid out that they would use for the rest of the series.

      • morgan is repelling but then when ellie leaves he just stands up showing that they are in fact on the first floor. chuck and morgan are just messing around with an elaborate plan to escape when really they could just step outside

    • i swear it was also a guy doing all the ninja stuff! he is so much bigger than Yvonne is, but not in that kind of creepy way!

  19. -I always wondered about Sarah’s mom…
    -I always wondered why in the prenuptial agreement there wasn’t written Sarah’s real name…

  20. -i always wondered if the story Sarah tells in “versus The Wookie” about her sister and sunburn is real or fictional and if that’s true what happened to her sister
    -i always wondered if we are going to see Sarah`s mother.
    -i always wondered how could Sarah be so conflicted and upset when she thought Chuck killed someone in the train station and be all like : “I don’t love him anymore” even thought she was the one pushing him to do that by saying if he doesn’t do it he can never be a spy –> they could never be together…
    But when Chuck “killed” Shaw to save her she was like : “it’s all good, you saved me”
    -i always wondered how Chuck could not mention anything to Sarah about saying her real name to Shaw in a few weeks when she didn’t trust him enough to tell him that information after years of knowing him.
    -i always wondered how Chuck could still be so desperate in reconciling things with Sarah after she chose Shaw over him in many different instances
    Even after she told him that she loves him she still chose to leave for a mission in Paris with Shaw as a couple and insisted that Shaw shouldn’t find out about her & Chuck being back together -> she was still not sure she wants to be with Chuck more then she wants to be with Shaw… that was before Shaw tries to kill her off course 🙂
    In other words they made it look like she ended up with Chuck mostly cause Shaw tried to kill her :-s

    There are a lot of things that i still don’t understand but i guess “love” conquers all in TV productions :)) And it’s all good when we have a happy ending.

    • Sarah was worried that Chuck was going to change into a colder person the way she did after her Red Test. She loved Chuck because he wasn’t like her. Also, during his Red Test, it appeared that he had killed the mole in cold blood. Killing Shaw was to save both of them — not in cold blood.

      Similarly, Sarah told Shaw her real name because he, like her, had already gone through the process of becoming a spy and would be more likley to understood the exestenial spy crisis she was going through, while Chuck was still on the other side of the glass, so to speak, since he was only begining to go through the process to become an agent.

      Finally, Sarah chose to go on the mission to Paris with Shaw because it was her job, she was order to.

      Sarah had also already chosen Chuck before she went with Shaw to the warehouse. She had been planning to meet him at the train station before Shaw had come (She couldn’t really leave then, its kind of hard to run away from the CIA when the CIA is right on your door step). Choosing to go to work in the morning, even if you work with your ex, doesn’t mean you’re chosing him over your boyfriend. It means you’re going to work.

      • Then how do you explain Sarah didn’t wanted Shaw to find out about her and Chuck being back together ? cause it makes no sense to me since Shaw was only her co`worker .. not her boyfriend anymore ..

      • The way I saw it was that both Sarah and Chuck didn’t want to tell Shaw in the elevator scene in vs The Other Guy because he was already an emotional wreck after finding out that Sarah had killed his wife – they didn’t want to add to his emotional distress at the time.

        Also, Sarah went to Paris with Shaw because it was her job and she ordered to go on the mission.

      • That’s exactly the thing .. Chuck said after he heard Shaw shooting the director in the elevator : “I think you where right in waiting to tell him about us”
        That implies to me he wanted to tell him and Sarah disagreed .. and if he didn’t know about Chuck & Sarah it means Sarah & Shaw where still a couple when they went at the warehouse & when they went to Paris…

      • No it doesn’t. It means Sarah had other priorities besides telling her former maybe-sorta fling that she was back together with her soulmate. Like maybe trying to bring down the Ring Director.

      • Whatever it means, i`m glad season4 was and season5 will be love`triangles free .. i like those type of things as much as the next guy .. but they never felt quite right on “Chuck” .. If “Chuck” fans uproar towards Shaw&Sarah relationship is any indicator i think season3 would have been much better with Shaw playing just the leader of the team & Chuck`s mentor.. without the Shaw sleeping with Sarah side of story 🙂

    • Sarah was telling Chuck that he had to go on his “red test” because of orders, she didn’t really want him to have a “red test”. . .it was Shaw’s evil doings. Or that’s how I explain it anyways.

  21. I really want to know the story of Stephen and Mary!!!!!!!~~

  22. Something i forgot earlier :
    – I always wondered if they are going to have another scene like the one in “Versus The Colonel” cause that`s the hottest scene in the series and they managed to make it very sexy without any vulgarity.
    I also wonder if Chuck & Sarah are going to have any decent kisses in season5 cause from what i saw in season4 it looks like they are mostly going for pecks & cheek kisses now 🙂
    I think one of the reasons ratings dropped so low in the male audience is the lack of sexiness in the second half of season4. I don’t think audience wants to see handshakes & half`lip`half`cheek kisses from their favorite couple 🙂 I hope the writing staff noticed that & will do something about it.

  23. –I wonder how poor Mama Winterbottom feels about Hartley & Vivian running off with 2 blank identities after she waited for him for 30 years.

    –I wonder how anybody could have believed Chuck finally achieved his Stanford degree through night school– as if any school would give a degree to a student they’d kicked out for cheating.

    –I wonder why, if Mary took the suppression device from Stephen’s lair to de-Intersect Chuck in Timothy Dalton’s first episode this year, she didn’t just use the device on Volkoff to turn him back into Hartley.

    –I wonder what happened to Manoosh, from CHUCK VS THE NACHO SAMPLER. He was an interesting camera, and is he forced be on any new government Intersect project?

    –I wonder if Casey ever got an implant to replace the tooth Chuck pulled in CHUCK VERSUS THE FAKE NAME.

    –I wonder how everybody had a second wedding-worthy outfit ready for Ellie’s beach wedding hours after the sprinklers ruined the one at the church in CHUCK VERSUS THE RING. (my favorite episode)

    –I wonder if Jeff or Lester ever mistakenly got into the NerdHerder that Casey had “upgraded” and did some funky stuff in it.



    • I typed this in the middle of the night. Obviously, Manoosh was an interesting CHARACHTER, not camera! Where did THAT come from? 🙂

      • And obviously I can’t spell in the middle of the night… CHARACTER!

      • HA! its a mix of Charah and Characters! that has nothing to do with it, but i just wanted to point that out!!!

    • hahah! I never thought about it, but now I DO wonder what Mrs. Winterbottom thinks! She was an awesome lady.
      And also, to go along with your tooth question, I always wondered what Casey did with his blown off toe-foot. Does he just not have a toe there now?

    • As to the degree from Stanford. . .The CIA is very, Very, VERY good at getting institutions to do what they want them to do. Or they send a guy like Col. Casey to compel them even further.

  24. Casey: “Mother…….Johnny boy.”

    Well in the “Avengers” “Mother” was the top operative.

    • That’s right! Forgot about that. The rotund bearded chap in the wheelchair. From the Tara King/Linda Thorson era.

      • And he also played a character on a train (who could walk) who was murdered in one of the black and white Diana Rigg episodes.

  25. Ive always wondered…

    how things would have progressed if Sarah hadn’t been trained to withstand pentathol in chuck vs the truth and told chuck how she really felt

    what happened to Jill(although I hated her character and am glad shes gone)

    what happened to bike mike and bolonia getting married? didn’t he propose quite a while before chuck did

    where are devons brothers? I know it doesnt matter but i would love the meet more awesomes and why weren’t they had his wedding

    anything involving sarahs backstory

    what would have happened if chuck went with sarah in chuck vs the pink slip

    why it was so easy to turn Vivian…also if the norseman device is 100% accurate like they claimed how were they able to save sarah…all the other people died instantly….not that im complaining

    • also is their wedding legal since morgan was the one officiating

      • The powers that be have said that Devon’s brother’s were doing Doctors without Borders during Ellie and Devon’s wedding.

        Similarly, they have said Morgan was having trouble letting go and, much like with Marshall’s wedding on Alias, gained the ability to officiate the ceremony. In other words, it is legal.

      • It is my opinion that the casting department is having troubles finding actors that could be awesome enough to be Cpt. Awesome’s brothers.

    • The way I see the other people targeted by the norsemen device did not have two doctors at their side in an instant, and that no one attacked by it ever had that either as it was originally developed to be used on bad people as Hartely said so no one bothered to help them. Just my thinking

      • Sarah and Chuck captured the original Norseman device in Moscow when Sarah killed Riley. Vivian told Chuck on the telephon she had a second Norseman built. That was the one she used on Sarah. There is the possiblity that the second device wasn’t as good as the original. Plus the distance from Moscow might have made it less effective.

      • yes but also when watching ellie and awesome do nothing…ellie is kneeling down and just starring at sarah.

  26. chuckFan50…Sarah has a sister. Her name is Annie Walker and she is on Covert Affairs. jk, although, she is pretty, and blond, and a spy like Sarah.

  27. I’ve always wondered how Casey would be able to afford living in an apartment by himself while making $12/hr (or whatever it is) working at the BuyMore. I don’t know how much an aparment costs in Burbank but I’ve been there before and I know that even tiny houses are super expensive.

    Of course this goes along with Sarah driving expensive sports cars and living in a hotel while working at the Orange Orange.

    • well he is also on a CIA paycheck

      • Of course, but as far as the general public is concerned he’s just a regular guy working at the Buy More and therefore would have to live within the means of his cover.

  28. In Chuck vs the Couch Lock, Chuck, Sarah and Casey were manicled to the bunker ceiling by their wrists when Morgan jumped into the water with the electric cable. In the next scene all three are outside the bunker reviving Morgan. I wonder how they got out of being chained to the ceiling?

    • That’s what you wonder in a show where a guy can flash his way out of any situation ?:))
      With those sort of things you just have to go with it and ask no questions 😛

    • just rewatched that episode today and was wondering the exact same thing :p

  29. I’ve always wondered what Sarah would have done if Casey had killed Chuck at the end of “Chuck vx. the First Date.”

    • ooh….is it bad that i actually want to see this…..for some reason i really enjoy when sarah is upset over chucks “death”. some of my favorite moments were in best friend when she thought he blew up in the car or in first date when she thought he dropped off the edge.

  30. 1. As I said to Julia Ling this last weekend, I hope her return to the Buy More was a deflection. She got recruited after Casey’s recommendation and is off kicking ass somewhere 🙂

    5. Knowing what we know now, that ‘Johnny boy’ call of Casey’s must have been a code phrase 🙂

  31. Ive always wondered how Jeff and lester are still alive…

  32. I always wondered whatever happened to the ballet dancer whose dad didn’t tape her recital?

    Where Chuck and Sarah went for their honeymoon?

    And did they change their wedding clothes when they got to where they got to?

    I always wondered who the man was with Beckman when Chuck woke her in the middle of the night.

    Who was watching baby Clara at Chuck and Sarah’s wedding, or better yet, why wasn’t she there?

  33. This has nothing to do with storylines, but–

    In all its excellence & awesomeness, I’ve always wondered why ‘CHUCK’ wasn’t one of the more highly rated shows on TV….

    • Good point but i guess it’s a pretty simple answer, Chuck`s audience consist mostly of nerds,geeks people from the internet era and Nielsen system is old and mostly based on people from the past era.
      I bet if Chuck lasted enough to catch the Nielsen System update to the 21 century Chuck would get a lot more credit 😉
      Cause let’s be honest, it has the most vocal & dedicated fan`base online -> Chuck`s owning most of the internet polls 🙂

    • im thinking because of its killer time slot. It’s on as the same time as the bachelor, dancing with the stars, house, how i met your mother. Thats a lot of competition.

  34. Ive always wondered why Chuck is so awesome!
    oh ya, that needs no explaination.
    Thats just the way Chuck roles(:

  35. I’m wondering if The Col. is still The Col.. Or of he’s has had to resign his commission after the Winterbottom mission.

  36. I’ve always wondered why Col. Casey was promoted from Maj. to Bird Col. skipping over Lt. Col. completely.