PHOTO: First Day on Chuck Season 5 Set

Production on Chuck season 5 began today and Joshua Gomez gave us a provocative sneak peek via Twitter with this photo of himself and Yvonne Strahovski. Looks like Sarah will be keeping the short hair. Yeah, I noticed the hair.

Yvonne Strahovski and Joshua Gomez pose on the set of Chuck season 5.

Chuck returns Friday, October 21 at 8/7c on NBC.

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  1. I feel like her hair changes a lot. Like she will have bangs and then next episode the bangs are to her chin and then to her shoulder then gone.Its not really noticeable watching live cause you have a week in between but when watching them in a row you notice more. But her hair grows way faster than it should in a week which is due to length of filming I think. At least going shorter its just cut rather than super human hair growth abilities.

    • I feel like her hair doesn’t change enough on the show! It’s always been mostly the same since day 1 (and occasionally styled for various undercover costumes). I’m excited for the new do!

  2. whoa ! Wazzup with Sarah and Morgan? What could she need from him that she had to do this? Looks like a truly hilarious weirdness came up, huh?

    • Maybe it has something to do with Yvonne being more outgoing like Mel pointed out in her article with things she liked about SDCC 2011
      Sexy/Funny photo but i’m not a big fan of the new playful Yvonne .. i prefer to see her in funny videos like the one from last year having the Bieber Fever 🙂 Then to see her in “sexy” photos with Morgan. But maybe that’s just me.

    • It’s not part of a scene, just Yvonne and Josh goofing off.

      • I know Mel.. I was only surprised to see Yvonne take photos like this one since i never seen her goof around in this way before..
        Usually their bts photos where on the funny theme, this one is more on the sexy side even though they are just goofing around like you said.
        I hope next bts pictures will be with Zachary Levi or Adams Baldwin cause as sexy as Yvonne can be i’m not that eager to see her leg on shoulder pose with all other cast members.
        On a total non related note have you seen this ? :
        I’m glad Zac got a new project and it seems to have an awesome cast too 🙂

  3. receptionitis66

    unmistakably Casey’s house cause of the flag decor haha
    I like her new hair! And I hope this picture/ Sarah-Yvonne’s fishnets mean that Sarah has to pose as Morgan’s date for a mission and Casey and Chuck are in the van!

    • So original.. we never seen this before, Sarah dressed in a sexy outfit pretending to be someones else date on a mission while Chuck is waiting in the van…. =))
      Since now Chuck and Sarah are newly weds maybe the outfit is for him after all like it or not the corner stone of this show and the reason most fans still watch it is the Chuck & Sarah relationship.
      For the sake of the show i hope they are not going to sideline that in the last season to make room for Morgan and his struggle with the intersect !

  4. Is that the ASS MAN vest or the vest for the store manager’s suit?

  5. It’s been clear from the Comic Con panel video, Ausiello’s interview of the cast and even last spring’s video clip with Zac, Yvonne, Josh and Gary Cole that Yvonne and Josh like to kid around. So this appears to be no different. Like others, I was glad to hear Yvonne being a little more outspoken during this year’s Comic Con panel. In the past, it seemed like she was willing to let others do all the talking. Hopefully we will see more of this as Season 5 progresses.

  6. Thanks for all the updates Mel and Liz.
    Glad they are back to work, but will be glad and sad when season 5 starts.

  7. Curious question: Why not get people like Christopher Lloyd to play a wacky Bartowski relastive?; Or Steve Carrell, Ricky Gervais or Ray Romano to play a “Maxwell Smart” type spy character to partner with Chuck’s geeky character? Emma Watson maybe as a rookie for the Cat Squad? Might add spice to a good season…?

    • Christopher Lloyd already guest starred as a CIA psychologist in season 3, but your other ideas are good. Who knows, we may see some of those actors this season! (Not Emma Watson, she’s a movie person.)