Vik Sahay at the Chuck Comic Con 2011 panel

EXCLUSIVE: Vik Sahay on Danny Pudi’s Upcoming Chuck Cameo

As reported by, NBC confirmed that Community’s Danny Pudi is crossing over in a guest starring role on the 5th and final season of Chuck. One can only hope and speculate that his character will give Vik Sahay’s Lester reason to mastermind evil plans to make sure his status as the sole brown top dog doesn’t get undermined. Whatever Lester’s reaction might be, it looks like the Desi actors are rooting for each other.

When asked what Sahay thought of the addition, he responded “I love Danny’s work on Community. His Batman was a stroke of genius. When I heard about this role coming up, Danny came to my mind right away and I mentioned I’d love to see him in that role. I am thrilled he’s coming on Chuck. We cocoa boys need to stick together. “

Danny will appear in Chuck episode 5.05, “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off”.

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