SPOILERS: Which LOST Actor Is Hacking Off Chuck?

SPOILERS: Which LOST Actor Is Hacking Off Chuck?

Ausiello has more scoop from the set of Chuck today, adding to what we brought you earlier, this time expanding on the role Lost actor Eric Lange is playing on the show:

Question: I’m in desperate need of any Chuck scoop! —Bernadine
Team Bartowski is getting Lost! Eric Lange (a.k.a. Dharma vet Radzinsky) will guest star this season as Colin Davis, a former technological terrorist responsible for designing the world’s most lethal supervirus. When Carmichael Industries is tasked with retrieving the virus, Chuck must return to his hacker roots, and convince the reformed Colin, who currently lives in a hippie commune, to join the team.

Yay, Chuck the hacker!

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  1. Hi All, Its a pitty the writing team had not approached Chuck’s Hacking past before now! It should a fun episode :-)

    • Hi All, Was thinking Could this be the episode Chuck gets the Intersect back……..Just putting it out there for people to consider.

      Long Live Chuck!!!

  2. special agent chuckles

    My theory is that Eric Lange’s character designed the Irene Demova virus in season 1.