VIDEO: Chuck Season 5 Promo!!!

Yes, this warrants exclamation points in the title! And the article itself! We have our first promo for Chuck season 5, and I have goosebumps. You guys, this is going to be amazing! WARNING: SPOILERS!

UPDATED: Switched to the YouTube version so our non-U.S. friends can watch.

Thanks to ChuckThisBlog for the head’s up!

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  1. Only streamed within the United States!?
    Nice job HULU

    Great news however

  2. Wow, after giving us a string of 15-second promos last year, NBC pulls out all the stops and gives us a full minute. Bravo!

    • Not NBC. Comcast. This is one of the many benefits of having money. You can promote your shows more and earlier.

  3. awsome kan niet meer wachten!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. YES. Decker’s back!!

  5. Four more weeks. Hold on folks. Based on those clips, though, this looks like it’s going to be an incredible last ride. I also get the feeling, it’s going to be Chuck vs. the Eraser at the end.

  6. OK, I must admit, that looked fun. Hope it’s a good season. Don’t screw up showrunners, please!

  7. Wow. looks like lots of trouble ahead, and a few questions answered already.(ie the glasses). We can still hope for a backorder miracle if the rest of NBC’s lineup has fallen and CHUCK can hold the line!

  8. Looks very good. NBC seems to have made a significant change in how it advertises shows. Hopefully this will attract more viewers to Chuck and possibly influence an extension of season 5.

  9. Season 5 is going to ROCK!!!!

    I can’t wait to watch it!!!


  11. I hate decker… and i know that’s the point but those kind of characters just don’t make me want to watch. So this season better rock something fierce!

  12. Well, I still don’t know what to think about Morgan beeing the interect. I don’t thinks that this was the right choice. But we’ll see…

  13. omg omg omg omg i cant wait! i dont like the ending of that promo tho :/

  14. hrfmphdrqerjsathcsgjhzrafvbhjnzrmph…

    The epicness of this was just too much…
    My mind = blown


  16. It looks like they may have gotten back some of the “greatness” they have lost over the last couple of seasons. CAN’T WAIT

  17. Best promo ever! I don’t think I can wait four weeks. Bring it on!!!!

    • I had a completely different reaction to this promo – the litltle bit of humour in it fell flat for me, the action was mediocre, Chuck had all the energy and enthusiasim of a sloth and the only part that was mildly intriguing to me in the promo was the bit with Decker talking to his henchmen stating why Chuck must fail.

      If that promo is an indication of the best S5 has to offer then I’m beginning to think Chuck is ending with 13 episodes too many.

      At least I wont be starting the season with high expectations now.

      I know everyone has their own tastes, but I really hope things are a lot better then that promo suggests.

      I’m at least going to watch the first episode before I give up on the show, but at this point I have little enthusiasm for S5.

  18. The promo looks awesome, to bad this is the final season

  19. The promo looks awesome. However, I’m hearing impaired and can’t hear everything being said. Is it possible someone can transcribe the spoken parts? This is kinda why I hate promos. They are usually not closed captioned. Thanks in advance. Is it premiere night yet? 😉

  20. Oh boy,…I literally cant waiiit!!! This season is going to be a kickass!!!

    *there are hints everywhere that say “final” :\'(

  21. Wow. This looks good. I hope they finish on a high and make this season the most fun yet. Glad to see Ellie’s in on the spy stuff too.

  22. Hi All,

    Its nice to see Chuck being a BADASS without the Intersect. Morgan is still the Comic relief even tho he’s the Intersect. As Casey said in S3’s Vs Operation Awwsome (Re: Morgan) “He’s you, Your Sarah – Be Sarah Chuck”. Form the Promo Chuck is kinda sorta being successful as Morgan’s handler! The Morgan/Casey Bromance continues. I’d say Ellie will reactivate Chuck’s Intersect somehow & Morgan will be the “Magnet” yet again! Dekker looks like he’s on mission to settle the score with Chuck & will b very Dangerous! ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!

  23. … a non-U.S.-fan thanks for this awesome upload 😀
    Just can’t wait to see the cast for that final season… which hopefully includes less greenscreen than season 5…
    CHUCK simply is and has been one of the most groundbreaking shows on TV.

  24. Allen: My older brother is deaf. No closed captioning=lame. Here you go.

    Narrator: The loss.
    Decker: Operation Bartowski is done.
    Chuck: No! Don’t take the intersect.
    Decker: You’re fired Chuck.
    Chuck: No!
    Narrator: @ .06 A risk.
    Chuck: What if we went into business for ourselves? Freelance spies?
    Narrator: And a totally unexpected twist (while Morgan puts on glasses)
    Morgan: I know Kung Fu.
    Narrator: And now Chuck returns to close the book… (elevator doors open)
    Chuck: Computer emergency?
    Narrator: …on the ultimate spy next door.
    Random guy: Who the hell are you?
    Chuck: Charles Carmichael. Of Carmichael Industries.
    Morgan: (falls over bush) I’m good!
    Chuck: We’re still working out the kinks. (punch)
    Chuck: (to Sarah) Morgan has the intersect now but, I’m happy for him.
    Morgan: I’m the intersect!
    Casey: Then act like it.
    Chuck: How certain are you that these glasses only had one reload left?
    Ellie: Very certain.
    Sarah: @ .40 You’re our leader.
    (Action, no words)
    Morgan: (yelling out window) That was awesome!
    Decker: Now you understand how important he is. (we see Chuck and Sarah) And why he must fail. It’s the final chapter. (file closes)
    Narrator: The final season of Chuck. Friday October 21st on NBC.

    That’s all of it. Looks fun to me!

    • Thank you very much for the transcription Shauna !

    • Wow, I couldn’t make out what Sarah had told Chuck and I completely missed Decker’s speech. I thought he said something completely different like “we must make sure it’s his final chapter.” Thank you so much for the transcript.

  25. Hoo-ah! Looks awesome!! I’m definitely gonna start my series re-watch in earnest to be ready for this, and my supervisor at work said it shouldn’t be a problem for me to have off on Oct. 21st! Can’t wait! Once more unto the breach, Chucksters!

    Long Live Team Bartowski! Long Live Chuck!!!

  26. Bummer. I thought Chuck’s coming back THIS week.. such disappointment when I saw the date at the end of the video. 🙁

    Seems like a good final season tho! Not trying to get super duper insanely stoked because with 13 episodes and nothing to follow after that is just saddening. I want more Chuck.

  27. On behalf of your non us friends I thank you

  28. Whoa! I just watched the promo for the first time this morning. AWESOME! I’m so excited for this! And then the sadness kicks in… :\'( LAST SEASON! At least they pulled out all the stops on this one. Great job guys!