SPOILERS: Sarah’s Past Is Catching Up With Her (EXCLUSIVE)

ChuckTV.net has received additional information about the upcoming episode of Chuck season 5 that will reveal more about Sarah’s past. We already know that we’ll be meeting her mother and her former handler, but we can now confirm that we’ll meet both characters in episode 5.08, “Chuck vs. the Baby”. But wait, there’s more!

Emma, Sarah’s mother, is blonde and beautiful like her daughter. She’s a very maternal woman, but “she hasn’t seen Sarah in over 5 years”, says our source. Makes sense given that we’ve witnessed the last 5 years of Sarah’s life, but does this mean Emma was around more than we thought while Sarah was growing up? And what happened to cause their rift?

As if having her mother re-enter her life wasn’t enough stress, Ryker, Sarah’s former “handler”, also returns and he isn’t back to catch up over coffee. He has unfinished business, and it involves our favorite Mrs. Bartowski.

The really intriguing part of the intel we received is that it sounds like we’ll get a major revelation about Sarah’s past, possibly linked to the episode title. Let the speculation begin.

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  1. If they make Sarah have a secret baby that she shoved off on her mom and former handler, I’ll never forgive this show.

  2. Jordan, I think this time I have to agree with you. It would be completely out of character, in my opinion. Which is why I don’t think that will happen. 😉

  3. I agree with both of you, it would be so out of character for her…I’d much rather it be Chuck and Sarah discussing having a child or babysitting Clara.

  4. Ryker….. I read that as Jonathan Frakes playing Sarah’s old handler? lol…. That would allow me to geek out with this episode. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  5. I can’t wait to see the show. My hubby & I are counting the days!
    I think it would be fun to work in an identical twin for Casey….Maybe – the evil twin? LOL {And we thought Casey could be bad…The evil twin could be some real trouble…If no one could tell them apart – or not even know that Casey has a twin at all? Hummmm?! =)}

  6. i want to know what the baby means!!!!!
    some one tell me.

  7. My own hunch is that Sarah having a secret baby would be too serious a storyline for Chuck.

    I suspect Sarah is the baby in question, and perhaps she was really fathered by her former handler, Ryker.

    Or her former handler appears because he wants to make a baby with Sarah? LOL

    • I think you are right; Sarah’s real dad was probably her handler. That way, he could keep tabs on her, etc. without her knowing the real reason. Plus, that would give both her mother and handler a reason to randomly come back into her life years later. I guess we will just have to wait and see! 🙂

  8. If the revelation is that Sarah had a baby or was pregnant in her past I will never forgive the writers of this show. They dont pay enough attention to Sarahs character as they should. The show has always been mostly about the Chuck/Sarah relationship and they did such a good Job in the first two seasons of how special there love was (except for one noticable exception the Jill arc) and if they really try something like that it would destroy Sarahs character completely.
    The only good thing it could realistically be is that she has a younger sister and that would be nice as that would mean the Blonde lobster story was true!
    They should call this last Series Chuck and Sarah, as they are both a couple and partners

    • This comment is bringing back season 3 nightmares for me. The first few sentences couldn’t have been more true. It was a lack of attention to Sarah’s character that caused the horrible mistake that destroyed season 3. If anyone would like to know what I’m referring to please reply to this comment. Anyway, as far as season 5, I have a strong feeling that this is where that big surprise involving C&S is going to come from. They can’t really surprise us to the level that Fedak described with news from any other part of the show. This should be very interesting to watch.

  9. Hmmm hello Chuck and Sarah are newly weds I’m sure the baby is theres… It happens when people are together! I can’t wait to see them as parents!

  10. Hi All,

    In terms of Sarah – Emma (Momma Walker) & Her handler, I still think that Sarah’s Mom is alot more dangerous than she 1st appears. We may find out Sarah’s real name in this episode. I still think Mafia & thats why Sarah had a handler (FBI probably) Sarah’s been dealing with the guilt of betraying her mother althose years ago! The Question is How will Chuck deal with the possible revelations? What do people think?

  11. It would be character assassination if Sarah had a baby.

  12. Ryker can’t be Sarah’s father because Sarah is 30 and he is early 40s which means he would have to be 10-15 when she was born.

  13. I believe CIA handler means that Ryker was in charge of Sarah’s training as a spy.

    We know from past episodes that Sarah wasn’t recruited to be in the CIA until her senior year of high school.

    I assume Ryker wouldn’t have known Sarah until then.

    It’s also been established that her father is Jack Burton and Sarah spent her childhood years with him and her grandmother.

    Since Jack Burton just recently found out Sarah was a CIA agent in season 4 and Sarah hasn’t seen her mother in at least 5 years she probably doesn’t know her daughter is a agent.

    I wouldn’t expect Ryker to be revealed as Sarah’s father and hypothetically if he was it would just be a stupid jump the shark retcon moment with the already established backstory.

  14. Sarah is another “Intersect child”, like little Chuck was? And that was what The Eraser was talking about in that promo?

    The baby could simply be Chuck and Sarah’s niece they have to take care of while Sarah’s mom and ex-handler are coming?

    Or Sarah was a baby used in a secret experiment by the CIA?

  15. We are going to see the new characters in episode 8 so i think her handler was also her lover like Bryce and they are going to use that to create a little tension between Chuck and Sarah

  16. Hi All,

    Scrap my previous Post!

    Chuck & Sarah will have to babysit Baby Awesome! Mama Walker arrives on the scene & jumps to conclusions thinking Baby Clara is Sarah & Chuck’s! Comic gold!

    Sarah’s handler hmmm…. Part of the group that is trying cause Chuck & co to fail! Sarah & here handler will have it out Star Wars style! I can see him saying something like U have much to learn my Apprentce. What do people think?

  17. That is a great spec sean. I like the Sarah has to confront her mentor and Sarah’s mom thinking Sarah had a baby. That would be great.

  18. I don’t know if it would be logical to throw in another ex lover because Chuck and Sarah are married now. Can you imagine what Chuck would do if Ryker showed up and started flirting? I’m sure we’d get a stronger reaction from Chuck than that of which was showed during the Bryce, Cole, and Shaw curves.

  19. What if the baby is the child of Sarah’s handler? Maybe that baby is also in trouble (kidnapped or something like that) and Sarah’s handler asks for her help. I do believe that Sarah’s mom isn’t as innocent as she sounds. In Chuck vs the family Volkoff, Sarah said she was in the middle: maybe her mother was a spy assigned to arrest Burton, which she failed to do because she fell in love with him… Just speculating!!!

  20. Based on Mel’s statement in this article that Sarah’s mom is a very maternal woman, I think the meaning of the episode title is, as several have already speculated above, that Sarah is the “Baby” of the episode and that her mother is very “mothering” to her.

  21. Maybe Sarah has an older sibling and that would make her the “baby” of the family?

    Before this info, I was hoping for a babysitting episode. Oh well, I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in this one!

  22. is there anyone who remember what “graham something” says?
    About her birthday certificate? What’s the problem with that and the all story of her childhood and her mother? She didn’t have surname mean real surname or she was having her mothers’ at certificate. I can’t find a logical explanation. Can anyone think something???

  23. My feeling is that if the baby is linked to this story with Ryker its that the baby is Sarah’s step sister or brother. Ryker and Sarah’s mom had a baby after she broke up with Jack and when Ryker was Sarah’s handler as a teen. Sarah doesn’t know it yet but that is the unfinished business. Sarah will meet her 10 year old half sister or brother.

  24. East Coast Captain

    I don´t think Chris and Josh would spring a secret child of Sarah´s in Season 5 and the last one to be exact. That would just put a blow into ratings because they´ve had 5 seasons to spring up a child of her´s into the open I know they´ve concocted a lot of dumb storylines like the Shaw one but this would be among them.