Friday Five: Reasons Chuck Needs to Come Back Pronto!

We’re still two weeks away from the Chuck season 5 premiere, and I’m starting to get antsy. True Blood and cable TV kept Liz and I pretty busy this summer, but Chuck withdrawal was already setting in even before NBC pushed the premiere back a week. Oy. Here are five reasons I cannot wait for the season to premiere (and one reason why I kind of dread it).

Five Reasons Chuck Needs to Come Back Pronto

  1. I want to know what happens next! Team Bartowski have struck out on their own, opening a private espionage firm. The story-telling possibilities created as a result of that development are huge. Bits and pieces of information about their missions have been coming in, but I want to see them in action.
  2. I miss the characters. We’ve seen the cast in various projects this summer – movies, TV guest spot, comedy club appearances – but I’m ready to see Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Casey, et al. back for new adventures.
  3. I miss the fans. Yeah, I have some gray hairs from running this site, but it’s worth it for the quality fan interactions we have here. Live chats, blog comments, forum posts, podcast discussions, and Twitter shoutouts – I’m looking forward to hanging with the Chucksters once we have new episodes to talk about.
  4. My nieces are whinging. My two eldest nieces, ages 12 1/2 and 10, are die-hard Chuck fans. For the last 2 months, every week when they come over to spend the evening, it’s been a barrage of “when is Chuck coming back?” and “why are they making us wait so looooooong?” If only Aunt Mel were in charge of programming at NBC.
  5. I’m running out of Friday Five ideas! This column has been published weekly for almost 2 years now. I need fresh content!
One Reason I’m Dreading Chuck’s Return
  1. It’s the beginning of the end. Once the first episode airs, we’ll only have 12 left in this amazing series. It feels like the right time for the show to end, but I know that I’ll be watching this season with a mixture of excitement, nostalgia, and sadness.
Maybe I should have led with that last bit. It’s kind of a downer.
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  1. I feel ya, man. I’m excited for the show’s return, but dreading the end. I’ve grown up with Chuck. He helped me through tough times, and I can’t believe it’s the end. Thanks. Now let’s save the world.

  2. yeah, bittersweet

  3. I’ve been a fan from day one. I feel so much a part of this show having visited the set, knowing Tim Jones, and having helped save it twice! I am looking forward, like you are Mel, with a combination of sadness and excitement. Once the show is over, I will put away my Buy More polo and my DVD’s for a year. Then I will go through all five seasons straight.

  4. Am I to take this as a hint that I need to come up with more Friday 5s? lol

  5. Completely with you! I think all us Chuck fans have this bittersweet feeling. Can’t wait for it to start but I really don’t want it to end..

  6. So NBC is dead serious that Chuck has only 13 episodes on it’s final season?!
    Chuck needs 24 episodes!

  7. Warner Bros. should sell “Chuck” to another network. This show gets far too much attention on the internet for it to not of value to another channel. The solid fan base should not be taken for granted, especially with so many shows being cancelled due to a lack of interest.