SPOILERS: Meet Chuck’s Final Nemesis

TVLine has news about Chuck‘s final big bad of the series, appearing in the last four episodes of season 5. Played by Angus Macfadyen, Nicholas Quinn is a former CIA agent who now runs a mercenary spy ring. Is he connected to Decker? Rebecca Romijn’s rogue agent? We’ll find out starting in episode 5.10, airing early next year.

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  1. I thought Decker was the guy they sent to make the guy who was supposed to make you disappear disappear.

    I think Decker could have been the super villian for the season. Would have been cool to find out he ran FULCRUM. I like plots that come full circle–especially if you don’t see it coming.

  2. For me this a are very, very bad news because this means the structure of Season 5 will be the same then the other season with histery until the last episode. I had hoped the last episode would a complete family meeting, a Happy end not only the las 5 minutes and a worthy bye for all the shippers.
    Mr. Fedak, that is not a Love Letter for the Chuck Shipper. We do not deserve this.

    • I’m reserving judgment till all of the the threads for this season are revealed. Who is to say that this character will simply keep the story moving along but appears as a back drop against the main plot. Again, reserving judgment till I see how the season plays out. No sense calling it a train wreck if the train hasn’t even left the station yet.

    • If the last episode was a “complete family meeting,” there would be no plot. And then the final episode would be boring. That’s not how I want the show to go out.

      Even though Chuck shippers can get annoying at times, I seriously doubt the show will end without that group getting at least some of what they want in the story. They’ve played too big of a part in the shows success for this not to happen.

    • I agree with Craig. A “big family meeting” would not sustain an entire episode.

      Most of the good TV show endings I know of only encompassed the last five minutes or so with their real ending. I have never seen a show of Chuck’s length spend the entire episode as denouement. That’s way too much time.

      Examples: Six Feet Under, The O.C., Friday Night Lights.

      I don’t know where this “love letter” stuff started, but I doubt that anyone in the show said it was to “shippers” but to “fans”. Chuck fans encompass a lot of desires.

      I want to see fun, action, comedy, and suspense almost to the end. Let the last five minutes finish up the story.

    • Wait, have you seen the whole season 5 already? Have you seen the finale? Spill!!!

      • Until we know more, it is really hard to say who will like/dislike the way things are going. All reports I have seen suggest this is going to be a GREAT season.

        I just hope we don’t get a “Return of the Jedi” – cast waving at the audience surrounded by Ewoks, or in this case BuyMorons.

  3. Villain schmillain he is no match for the new and improved intersect Morgan! it would be nice if they bring back all the villains at once so Morgan can crush them with a single zoom 🙂

  4. Does it make sense that Decker would have some guy to do all his dirty work for him? Probably… Huh. I don’t know. This promises to be interesting…

  5. I read it as possibly the other way round. Perhaps he is doing DECKER’s dirtywork.

  6. @aces, Chris Fedak has told in interviews, (and we already got this impression), that Ted Roark was the head of fulcrum. Fulcrum as an organization effectively lost their usefulness when the Ring killed him. And @everyone above, Decker and Quinn are probably not even connected because this is a guy running a merc ring, (a likely cover-up story), and Decker is a complete regular CIA agent. so they’re two diferent groups entirely. People suspecting that Decker is the villain are probably correct. That’s not to say that he’s actually a bad guy this season, last time he was only covering the CIA’s dirty work, this time he might end up a hero. He might come across evil, but he is still CIA. so, we don’t know.
    Quinn will probably end up as the lead villain, that’s my guess.