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Zap2It’s Top 25 Chuck Moment’s and Mo Ryan’s Advance Review

Got a couple of news items for you today, Chucksters. First, Rick over at Zap2It polled fans on Twitter for their favorite Chuck moments from the first four seasons and put together this delightful walk down memory lane.

Second, Mo Ryan has her advance review of the first three episodes up at AOLTV (minor spoilers), with a query at the end about whether we hardcore fans want to see an episode extension or would prefer to end on a strong, 13-episode arc. I’m torn. I like what’s happening in the first three episodes so much that I want to see more more more! On the other hand, as Mo points out, when extra episodes are tacked onto the original order, the transition isn’t always smooth and with production on the current order ending in just a few weeks, that doesn’t leave much time for the writers to construct a tight second story arc.

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  1. IF the cast and crew are up for it, and it wouldn’t be too disruptive for them, I would actually love to see a season expansion. I think they’ve done a great job with the expansions in the past, and it would just give us a bit more time to enjoy (and say goodbye to) the show. Of course, if it’s too disruptive, or slapdash, or no one’s heart is in it, it should just end at 13…. but if the Chuck team has more story they want to tell, I’d love to hear it!

  2. In this extended-season (or extended-series) hypothetical, as a viewer I would wait until the 2012-13 season for a good-quality arc, rather than take dubious-quality intant gratification. As a showrunner, I would be protective of the “Chuck” brand and not do anything to sully the show’s syndication value or harm the chances of a big-screen sequel. The show-biz addage is “always leave ’em wanting more”.

  3. Yes, exactly! I totally agree if they are up for it! That would be AWESOME!

  4. I have hoped all the time that Chuck could have the whole season 5. So it could have proper ending and enought time to say goodbye.

  5. I think the 13 ep season will be great, but I wish NBC had given them 13 regular episodes with an extra 2 hour episode for the season finale. That would have been perfect.

  6. Come on back 9! Let’s get Chuck to 100 episodes for syndication! But have NBC do the right thing for once and tell the producers as soon as possible! Last season the back eleven kind of felt just tagged on the end cause the writers didn’t have enough time to really climax to the final.

  7. I agree with Flamingo,rockybleu,icetear1 and kiwichuckfan with they should gave us full season of 24 aleast so we can do realy do go blow goodbye to us and cast and crew. and 100 episode chuck deserving that. and with 24 episode last few could be in the future maybe?

  8. I hope this season rating going off the chart that new boss on nbc think im worng to cancel this show! I can see so many more seasons with chuck. At least another 20 more seasons (lol)