SPOILERS: Title for Chuck 5.11

SPOILERS: Title for Chuck 5.11

Per Matt Barber, editor, the title of Chuck episode 5.11 is “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train”. The episode is just try! directed by Buzz Feitshans IV.

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  1. I wonder if it will be like a Honeymooners 2. Now that would be awesome.

  2. Maybe like vs the Subway Part 2…kind of cfcmfoundation.org like the last bit of Speed where Keanu Reeves has to fight the bad guy on top of the subway, then speed up the only here train at the end.

    Or like Mission Impossible 1995 where Chuck has to jump onto a helicopter from a speeding train…

  3. Well, that would suggest a European locale. Yvonne was tweeting vaguely about various countries in Europe as well as in a foreign language this week and cialis soft tabs half from things I’ve heard that should be about the episode that they are filming, so that would fit!