SPOILERS: Chuck Series Finale Title

Get your tissues ready: TVLine has confirmed the title of the Chuck series finale. Episode 5.13 is titled “Chuck vs. the Goodbye”.

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  1. Like I’ve said before: Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. 🙂

  2. Damn, I started crying, and we’re only up to ep 4!! This is just, well, too sad, because it’s the last title we’ll ever see from Chuck 🙁 Crap, where’s my tissues?

  3. Time to start buying tissues and Ben Jerry’s in bulk. As much as I don’t want this to happen, I’m looking forward to what is going to be one of the greatest episodes Fedak and the gang have ever given us.

  4. Renee from the Netherlands

    I think we take goodbye from someone in the show

    Maybe morgan or casey. And we say hello to someone new.

    I hope we got a lot of good episodes before the end of chuck. I
    always keep chuck in my heart.
    I love the series.

    – Renee –

  5. I teared up. Really hope no one dies…

  6. I’m not one to get emotional, but that made me a little sad.

    I also hope no one dies

  7. I think they have hinted that Ellie and Devon might be moving on to better things. That’s my bet (but I’m never right).

    A better ending IMO, would be saying goodbye to Casey. C/S are ready to quit being spies and Casey isn’t. So he’s off to whatever comes next. That could be a real tear jerker as they say goodbye to the stone cold killer that they have come to love… and know without it ever being said that he loves them back.

    Dang, it was kinda hard to even type that.

  8. Chuck has been one of the most fun shows I’ve ever seen. Seriously. I’ll really miss it, but I’m very happy that we got 5 seasons. Not bad at all!

  9. Noo,I’m not ready for this

  10. Im going to miss chuck! I only started watching season 4 and i got hooked. I bought season 1 and 2 and watched them. Now I own season 3 and 4 as well. I can’t stop watching… But just think, most people assumed we would only get a season or two, now we have 5. Thats pretty amazing!

  11. Is there any chance that season could get an extra order of i don t know 6 or 9 episodes ? even if ratings are not very convincing 🙁 or is it realy over at 13 ?!!!!!
    It can t be over !!! i don t understand that people don t watch this show because it s simply the best !!!
    but i m happy we at least got season 5 if would only lasted longer !!

    Chuck best show 4 ever !!!!!

  12. “Chuck vs. the Goodbye” – Such a simple title, yet so evocative. It feels like a funeral announcement. I will miss Chuck and I will watch each remaining show with great appreciation.

  13. I have been watching this show since the very first episode. Fell in love with it. So sad to see it come to an end…but happy to have gotten what we could


  14. Ok.. i think my heart hurts..I’m soo sad :(..like most of You I’m not ready for Chuck to end.
    Chuck will always and forever be my favorite show so to speack because like we all know Chuck is more than a Tv show..

    I also think a support group is a great idea a very much needed one 🙂

  15. “Chuck Vs. The Goodbye” could mean many things.
    – Goodbye from the spy life
    – Goodbye to Devon and Ellie
    – Goodbye to the Buy More
    – Goodbye to Casey. Not because of death but maybe him being promoted to General

    This list can go on and on.

    I am really thankful for this show. Over the past 5 years I feel like I’ve changed for the better. Even if this is mere fiction, it gave me a glimmer of hope that geeks/nerds get achieve great things.

  16. I’m thinking that someone will die and in all the grief right near the end Sarah will reveal to be pregnant. Something along those lines.

  17. S’cuse me I have to go bawl my eyes out.

  18. I think Chuck is saying goodbye to NBC.

    Oh Boy!!!

    I can’t wait, so looking forward to the next episode.

    5.14 – Chuck vs the Hello

    On USA Network – Characters Welcomed

    Chuck will now face off against his formerly presumed “dead” rival Bryce Larkin AKA the infamous Neal Caffrey, and his FBI handlier, Agent Peter Bourke. Starts 9/8 Central

    • Right. I was thinking along the same lines. I suggest alternative titles for the final episode…

      Chuck vs the USA Network, or
      Chuck vs the Feature Film, or
      Chuck vs the Syndication, or
      Chuck vs the Eight More Lives.

  19. Im not ready to say goodbye also, will definitely miss the cast of the show.

    i agree with fizz4m but i don’t think they will say goodbye to buy more because chuck and sarah bought it.

    i want to see the gang saying goodbye to their old life which is being a spy. Let’s hope that they can make another TV or movie with the cast and crew of chuck.

    or maybe they can make a CHUCK MOVIE.. hehe

  20. Like several episodes this title has to have more than one meaniing but all i hope is that it just proves how close to the end we are.
    I get upset now just thinkingh about it and I know whatever happens I am going to be a total mess at the end of this show.
    I just think back to the end of S2 and when renewal was so up in the air if somone had said then ok we will give you 19eps in s3, 24 in S4 and then we wrap it up in a 13ep season 5 I would have ripped there arm off (maybe even beat them with it aswell)
    Although with a 60% increase in dvr for Vs Zoom and problems with Awake anything is possible.

  21. I think the ” Goodbye ” may be CHUCK making a Good Buy of a new house for the Misses.

  22. I’m so sad right now, can’t believe it’s coming to an end!!!! Giving us the title to the last episode kind of feels bittersweet you know.
    Thank god for the dvds, I’ll still be able to get my Chuck fix that way!!!! Now we can only hope that it gets picked up by another network, or many feature films (if only I had the money, I would buy the freaking thing and never make it end)!!!!

    Mel, definitely think we will need a support group after that episode, I will most certainly have a big box of tissues!!!!

  23. Chuck is something I´m really not ready to say Goodbye… I can´t say goodbye to all those pleasent moments of joy and all sort of mixed feelings that a single Chuck episode could deliver. And despite the fact that the series certainly had it´s ups and downs, I´m yet to see a serie that brings up the quality and meaning that “Chuck” has brought, nor I think I´ll see it in a near future.

    Still, if it came down to the end of the road, I´m more than certain I´ll have some fun revisiting countless times the 91 episodes who, in perspective, changed my life.

  24. I thought about not commenting but, as I read the comments above, I reconsidered.
    I suffer from brain damage (literally) so I often forget when I’ve watched a show or seen someone and I find discontinuity extremely hard to deal with. With that being said, I am also very sad that Chuck is ending – if for no other reason than it will mess me up time-wise as well as emotionally.

    I, along with all of you, know that Chuck is fiction. But, sometimes (perhaps more often than we would like to acknowledge) we need light-hearted fantasy so we can momentarily escape from reality.

    As with most of you, I hate seeing a great show come to an end. While I know my life will continue and that soon enough my idle time will be filled with something new, I’ll always be happy that, at least for awhile, my wife and I were allowed to be viewers of quality television.


    • Troy, your comment made me tear up a little. It feels a little silly to say about a TV show, but it really has changed lives.

  25. Hey, Warner Bros., sell “Chuck” to a basic cable network. Check how the show would compare to other shows outside network TV. The numbers are pretty darn good.

  26. I just watched Chuck vs the Intersect today….and noticed that right before pressing enter on the keyboard to download/destroy the original intersect room, Bryce says “it’s hard to say goodbye”.