SPOILERS: Scoop on Stan Lee’s Cameo on Chuck

In the new issue of TV Guide, the actual magazine that you read in line at the supermarket, Michael Logan has scoop on Stan Lee’s cameo in Chuck episode 5.07, “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit”.

“We loved the idea that Chuck Bartowski isn’t the only wackadoodle espionage agent working in Los Angeles. Stan Lee is secretly doing it, too,” says co-creator Chris Fedak. “We also reveal that Stan once had an interlude with our very own General Beckman.

Alas, there was no time to reunite the two under the mistletoe. Someone has released a computer virus – known as the “Omen” – in order to destroy Chuck’s company. Now the virus has gone global, “people are furious and storming the Buy More on Christmas Eve to get their computers fixed – nobody’s buying anything!” Fedak says. “It’s up to Chuck’s two best computer experts – Jeff and Lester – to save the store and the world.”

The mystery of who’s behind the virus is just one of many shocks, says Fedak. “We end the episode with one of the craziest cliffhangers we’ve ever done.”

The article has a photo of Stan Lee, Zachary Levi, and Bonita Fredericy as well, but unfortunately I’m without a scanner right now. Sneak a peek next time you’re waiting to buy your groceries. “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit” airs Friday, December 23 at 8/7c on NBC.

And from this week’s Mega Buzz, Morgan’s got some groveling to do:

Will Morgansect rear his ugly (frosted) head again on Chuck? — Marcus
 Sadly, yes. “It may not be the last time you see the frosted tips,” executive producer Chris Fedak teases. In the meantime, though, Morgan has fences to mend. “Morgan’s going to be desperate to try to get Alex back but… that’s not an easy thing to do,” Fedak says. “He broke up with her on a text message. He turned into a douche.”

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  1. Man, that Beckman really gets around. Next we’ll be seeing her in the Playboy “Girls of the Military Gone Wild” issue.

  2. Oh jeez i really hope this “craziest cliffhanger” isn’t that Shaw released the virus….cause that was shown to us in that promo. Hmmm.

    • yes, I think is Shaw.. errgghhhhh… hate that guy….

      • yeah, I think it’s shaw, too. But I love Chuck cliffhangers, and this sure isn’t much of one! Although, this season has been FABULOUS. I’m gonna miss this show so much!!

  3. theres no way they can end the show… its literally the Best!!

  4. Really hope Morgan doesn´t get intersect back. If someone gets it then it should be Chuck.

  5. This season only continues to prove the fact that NBC has never provided sufficient marketing and promotional support for Chuck.

    On any other network, or on cable (i.e. USA), this show would be a smash.