RATINGS: Chuck Falls As Holiday Season Takes Hold

RATINGS: Chuck Falls As Holiday Season Takes Hold

After a boost last week, ratings for Chuck fell according to the fast overnight report. Approximately 3.22 million viewers tuned in to watch Rebecca Romijn cause trouble for Team Bartowski, earning a 0.9 in the 18-49 demo. With the holidays almost upon us, this drop isn’t at all surprising. DVR ratings should prove quite interesting when they’re released in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Oh man it’s too bad. Last night’s episode was the best episode of Chuck I’ve watched in a really long time. It reminded me how much I love Chuck.

  2. mel,it says on tvline and tv by the numbers that it was a 0.9 rating,not 0.8

  3. Canadian Chuck fan

    I hate Chuck on fridays. I always forget it. It’s suppose to be on monday!

  4. I hope that the DVR viewers will reflect my thinking on the subject: that each episode of this season gets progressively better each time! I’d say that this episode was as good as last weeks, but having Rebecca Romijn join in is what gives it the edge!

  5. I bet the numbers will go up next week. The 12/23 episode CHUCK vs The Santa Suit looks epic.

  6. Well I knew that was going to happen. Is their anyone on here that having as a hard a time as me trying to let go of this show. I mean i all depressed and stuff and it makes me sad thinking about all the cast and crew departing ways. I mean is Zac and Yvonne every going to see each other again will the keep in touch. I know i a sad person.

  7. I LOVED Chuck for 3 and a half seasons. But it really started to fall apart last season and this season (though it is getting better) has really been a huge letdown. You don’t know how hard it is for me to type that. I own the first three seasons on Blu-ray. It is good to see Casey and Sarah actually being spies again. Killing people instead of shooting tranqs. But the ENTIRE premise of the show is a guy with a computer in his head! Give Chuck back the intersect and end the series well. PLEASE!!!

  8. This was to be expected at this time of the year but to me its refreshing to have new episodes to look forward to during this time. All the other shows are showing reruns.

    I really love this show, it is pure fun and I have enjoyed every season. Every season is my favorite! At my house its Chuck marathon for the holidays, it doesn’t get any better.