Chuck Villain Showdown: Round 4

Chuck Villain Showdown: Round 4

We’re down to the final round of voting in the Ultimate Chuck Villain Showdown for seasons 1-4 (we’ll vote on season 5 in February). The winners from seasons 1 and 4 have been chosen, now it’s time for the villains from seasons 2 and 3 to battle each other for the top spot.

Voting on Round 4 will end at 11:59 Pacific on Monday, December 26, 2011.

Season 2

Season 3

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  1. Where is Volkoff ??

  2. These are the voting polls for seasons 2 and 3. Volkoff was in season 4 and Mel said that the season 4 villain has already been decided.

  3. Oh boy! Looks like the final showdown will be out just in time for the return of ‘you know who!’