VIDEOS: 2 Sneak Peeks at “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit”

VIDEOS: 2 Sneak Peeks at “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit”

NBC released a pair of new sneak peeks at “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit”, showing disaster at the Buy More and a surprising emotional side from Casey. Awwwwww!

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  1. The Sarah scene looks like the one just before the walks up the stairs and comes face-to-face with Shaw.
    Do you think Shaw is going to torture Sarah?
    Because he’s always had a problem with her, it was she who killed his wife. It felt kind of weird in Season 3 when he suddenly went off track and decided to go after Chuck instead!

    • He started to come after Chuck as much as Sarah after Chuck foiled his plans to kill Sarah and shot him “dead”. But, he REALLY came after Chuck when Chuck foiled him the second time when he outed him as a Ring agent.

      Even when he was a good guy Shaw had quite an ego. Chuck was his student. It really hurt his ego when the student outdid the master. In this episode, it looks like Shaw is still trying to be the Alpha male and prove he’s better than Chuck.

  2. Does anyone else think that sounded like Shaw on the phone and not Chuck?

  3. Casey’s so defensive about his soft side lol but i kinda like it. God i love this show