Chuck vs. the Podcast 98: Holiday Podcast 2011 – 18 Guests!

It’s holiday time again! The Chuck team goes all out on the holiday episodes, and so do we! We’re so thrilled that in this holiday extravaganza, 18 of the Chuck cast and crew share not only their holiday wishes for the fans, but many of their favorite moments from working on the series.

Click image to play video… more details below. Click the full screen icon to watch episode in full screen HD!

Thanks to crew member Suwannee Wilhelm, the podcast is chock full of behind the scenes photos, of many of the cast members wrapping, empty sets, the wrap party, andtearing down of the sets. Break out the Kleenex!

We hope this episode encourages you… if you want more, CLICK HERE to play last year’s extravaganza with 35 guests, including Timothy Dalton, Scott Bakula, and Matt Bomer. There’s lots of Chuck cheer to go around!

From Mel, Liz, and Gray, we wish you a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones!

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  1. (sniff) I’m gonna miss these guys so FREAKING much! I love you Julia. LOL

  2. I think the comment above me is spam. 😉 LOL

    Merry Christmas all!

    Thanks for the podcast! Loved what I watched.

    Noticed that Ms Strahovski was wearing a white hat in the photos. Reminds me of my wife; she has the same hat.

  3. Wow. Yeah, there were definately a couple people I would have LOVED to have heard from, but this was still a great Holiday Extravaganza nonetheless! Thanks Gray, Mel and Liz! Hope your holidays have treated you well so far, and have a Happy New Year! 🙂