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SPOILERS: Action in the Skies for the newsletter discount levitra purchase Chuck Series Finale

Hungry for information about the Chuck series finale? We have a tidbit we can share with you about an action sequence taking place in “Chuck vs. the Goodbye”. Skydive Professional reports that Skydive Pismo Beach, a new company offering sky diving opportunities in California, got an unexpected request last month: provide last minute services for a skydiving sequence with the Chuck stunt team.

Manager Chris聽Lee explains, 鈥淭hey wanted to www.arcnigeria.org shoot some footage of skydivers landing on the beach. We were perfectly setup for what they needed. It all came together very quickly.鈥 The show brought in their own stunt jumpers, Karlee Ayers and http://drabdulrahmanalmishari.com.sa/pharmacy-on-line-viagra camera flyer聽Craig 鈥淥B鈥 O鈥橞rien, but viewers may see footage of The Pumpkin, the company’s trademark plane, on screen as well.

Considering the two stunt jumpers will be (presumably) well covered with protective gear and therefore unrecognizable, who do viagra alternative you think they’re standing in for? Chuck and Sarah? Casey and Verbanski? Morgan and Alex? We’ll find out January 27!

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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  1. Wonder if it was put together so quickly Skydive Professional wasn’t handed a confidentiality clause to keep mum on their participation in the episode. I’d be a bit unhappy as a producer if that kind of info leaked on what sounds like a pretty intense action sequence on cheapest prices for levitra issues a closely guarded finale episode.

    Only question, did the plane have just one chute? 馃槈

  2. I don’t care about spoilers or articles or whatever. I just want CHUCK to be back on the NBC lineup. this is my favorite show. Every one on the show does such a great job not to mention it is hilarious. BRING CHUCK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!