VIDEO: Sneak Peek at “Chuck vs. the Kept Man”

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like someone is buy cheap amoxil finally getting suspicious of the extracurricular activities in the Buy More. Take a look at this sneak peek from tomorrow night’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Kept Man”, as a newly “brain cleaned” Jeff starts putting together the clues…

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  1. “I’m gonna need some 3×5 cards, stat.” “STAT!”

    You go, Jeff Barnes! 😀

    • Who would have ever guessed Jeff would start to piece things together at the Buy More. So was he this clever back in his Missile Command days? All we can say is don’t sleep in a van putting out CO2. You might miss out on the bigger picture. Wink wink.

  2. For those who can’t view the NBC clip:

  3. they’re gonna find out about the spy stuff

  4. Hi All,

    It would be funny if Chuck & Sarah brought Jeff & Lester into the spy game & it scares the crap out of them – Comedy Gold!!


    ALISON ( Ali )


    ENGLAND :-)

  6. i think it would be funny if Jeff was spying on Chuck and viagra uk chemist Sarah in the home theater room to see if they were doing spy stuff, and instead they were in fact “doing it”.