Help Nominate Vik Sahay for an NAACP Image Award

The NAACP Image Award nominations are just around the corner, and we think it would be awesome if Vik Sahay were nominated for his role on Chuck. Lester isn’t an easy character to play, but Vik’s managed to inject humor, pathos, and an occasional glimpse of sweetness into him. Award worthy for sure!

How can you nominate Vik? There are a couple of ways:

  • Tweet @naacpimageaward and tell them you’d think Vik deserve a nomination¬†for outstanding supporting role in a comedy.
  • Friend NAACP on Facebook, and post your reason why Vik should be nominated. You can even include a photo if you want to jazz things up.

I believe the cialis daily dosage pharmacy websites cut off for our input is January 9, so put this on visit our site your weekend To Do list, eh?

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  1. Done and done. He deserves it as the anchor for the Buy More plots. He is definitely under appreciated and pulls off a wide assortment of story lines that require comedy, seriousness and even some action mixed in (cage match anyone?) Good luck Vik.

  2. How could I forget that?

    Comic-con’s were great but when they did the music video of “Blaze of Glory” in season 3 Mel — I cried. I’m not sure what kind of buy cialis discount advised to tears they were rolling down my cheek as my sides were hurting too from people punching me in the ribs in the final scenes re-enacting Chuck and Shaw, but they were tears nonetheless…

  3. Vik Sahay is the very good site buy cialis australia most talented actor on chuck, imaginative, funny, and verstile. He deserved bigger and more prominent role on this show. He should be nominated for all awards.