VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovski Guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Yvonne Strahovski appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and my goodness she was adorable! She talked about changing her name, her parents following her to the US, finishing Chuck, and being painted for the SoBe campaign.

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  1. I loved her on Kimmel and thought she looked stunning, and was the right amount of sweet, funny, charming and adorable! Her tweet heard round the world was very indicative of how emotional those last few weeks were for her and the cast. She looked thinner than usual to me. She needs to eat some peanut putter cups:)

  2. Oh, how can you not love this girl? I’m going to have Yvonne-withdrawal symptoms pretty soon. I can tell.

    Kimmel did a pretty good job interviewing. Considering the set-up and the time of night at which his show airs, he could have gotten away with a lot. I’m glad he kept it at a ‘fun’ level.

  3. yvonne was just so natural and looked beautiful as always. She is amazing without a doubt

  4. Yvonne Striker? lol… no.

  5. I caught the end of it last night. I always love seeing the “real” Yvonne because she’s so down to earth and sweet.

  6. WOW- It would be hard to have a more appealing guest on a talk show then Yvonne was. She looked so beautiful, and sounded so approachable and friendly. Smart, sense of humor, etc., etc. Which is why I could never figure out why NBC never put her on Leno or Fallon (I know she was on a couple of Carson Daly’s shows, but not the same). It doesn’t take much of a brain to figure out NBC could have done “Chuck” and themselves some good by exposing Yvonne. They had five years to do it, and it’s not like she wasn’t this great back in year one. Never could understand it. Idiots.

    Congrats to Yvonne and Kimmel.

  7. She looked even more stunning than usual, if that is possible. Wish they styled her hair like that in Chuck this season (with a little less curl). Yes, she looked very skinny, but still healthy, and sadly that is what you have to do as a hollywood leading lady.

    She also has the best smile anywhere. If she is ever for a loss of words, she should just smile and all hearts will proceed to melt. Love how she is so appreciate of Chuck, close to her family, and always ready to laugh.

  8. Hi All,

    What I like is how normal she is – there is no Divaness with her. Kimmel seemed peved that Chuck had/was finishing. If you bumped into her she strikes me like she would have a conversation with you easy.

    I wish her every success in the future!!

  9. She is great !!!, The greatest !! <3 xD

  10. PVRd this and saw it this afternoon. A great interview with her and when she talked about crying for the month before the end of shooting I was thinking yes a lot of Chuck fans are feeling like that too.

    She is getting a lot of exposure over this Sobe ad (pun intended) and there have been a slew of interviews. It looks like a lot of them were done in succession on the same day.

    This one was hillarious. “A date with Yvonne Strahovski”

  11. Yvonne is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I am not just talking about her looks. She is down to earth, has a good sense of humour, and is very humble and appreciative. Not to mention has a smile that can light up any room.

    I wish her much success in her career.

    ps. Kimmel had a great quote: “Yvonne is the reason God gave us eyes”.

    • 134- Is Kimmel’s quote available anywhere? Thanks.

      • I watched the entire episode (Woody Harelson was the first guest, he was pretty hilarious). When Kimmel announced the guests for the show he anounced Harelson, then Yvonne and thats when he said the quote.

        Hope that helps

  12. It was a very fun interview, Ms. Strahovski was so sweet! Very nice!

  13. I thought it was pretty funny. Yellow tank top guy is the man, apparently.

  14. They did a funny “Eye Candy” joke with her and a lolie pop before she came on which was great. I agree NBC just isnt onthe ball when it comes to promoting their assets.

  15. I been reading all the interviews that Yvonne been doing over the week. Her comment on Chuck is very emotional. She did one with IGN and i broke down.