Tell Warner Bros. We Want a Tim Jones Album!

And now, a note from Chuck fan Al Mosier:

Tim Jones, composer


Hey Chucksters! We’ve been hounding composer Tim Jones for a score soundtrack CD for over two years and I hear from a reliable source that while he’d love to do one, Warner Brothers Music and WaterTower Records has to give the official “go-ahead.”

So our mission is to let them know how much we want one. I’m starting a letter writing campaign to show WB there are lots of us that would jump at the chance to own those amazing tracks Tim composed for the show over the last five years!

Just write a polite letter stating your request and some nice things about WB/Chuck. If enough of us do it, they’ll have to bow to the pressure. NBC did.

Pop the completed letter into an envelope addressed to:

Ms. Bronwyn Savasta
Sr. VP Music
300 Television Plaza
Building 137, Suite 2061
Burbank, CA 91505

Stamp and mail. Simple.

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  1. Chuck has one of the best tv soundtracks and we can thank Tim Jones for such wonderful music.

  2. Totally excellent sound track !!

  3. Will do! Love the Chuck score! Just hope this works. Please include the “The Dark Side” track, it’s epic!

  4. Mail off your letters Chuck fans. Now is the time. It’s been the soundtrack to our time with Chuck, would love to have it available for purchase.

  5. He stated he would a long time ago. It’s just taking time.

  6. I think this is an awesome idea if that’s what its gonna take. Pehaps the Chuck fan base could mobilise for one last time to get the message out there to Warner that we want a soundtrack released?

    • That’s the idea! Let’s flex the muscle that got Chuck renewed twice. One last show of strength. Write your letter and co-erce everyone you know into following suit! VIVA BUYMORIA!

  7. I would totally buy that album!! Chuck’s music is the best! Plus I totally looove Charahs’s theme!! 🙂

    • Im with you on that one Rebecka the Charah’s Theme was just lovely and also amazing. 🙂

      Alison ( Ali )



  8. Envelope? Stamps? What is this “mail” thing of which you speak? Is that anything like smoke signals? I’m so confused!


    No I not! This is a great idea, Mel. Thanks!

    And may I direct everyone to Tim Jones’ home page at ? He’s very personable and I’m sure he would love to hear words of encouragement from the fans.

  9. Yes I love Chuck Music, it’s the unseen character in the shot. I’ve Been Stirring the pot to get the word out & the album made. Hey, If we pull this off the next big project is to get a Chuck Movie.



  10. I think we’d all love a soundtrack album as a final farewell (well, until they do a movie *fingers crossed*..).

    As stargazer said tho, it absolutely **MUST** have The Dark Side on it, one of the best signature pieces I’ve ever heard, love it (pity I can’t get a ring phone/communicator to go with it!)

    Come on Warner, let him make it, and please make it available overseas as well (without ridiculously high shipping costs), or downloadable etc.

  11. The music with those piano notes during deep moments in Chuck gives me the chills every time. Love it soo much

  12. Sent! I hope I’m not the only one… Safety (and success) in numbers!