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We’ve come to the end of our five year journey. JEFFSTER! are off touring Germany; Casey is doing dangerous stuff with Verbanski; Alex and Morgan are moving in together; Big Mike is working for Subway/Buy More; Ellie and Awesome have awesome new jobs in Chicago; and Chuck and Sarah are restoring her memories and falling in love all over again while .

Most of us have been moving through the five stages of grief for the last week or more. Maybe you’re all the way to acceptance, maybe you’re still on denial. Maybe you just want to reminisce with fellow Chucksters. This is the place to do that.

By the way, stage 2 is “Anger” and stage 4 is “Depression”. Just sayin’. 😉

Please remember to be courteous to each other. This is an emotional time for all of us, and this is a place of support.

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  1. It’s Friday night, and I’m experiencing intersect-withdrawal! 🙁

    I’m definitely a CHUCK FAN FOREVER …like the shirt says!

  2. Me too. Friday night blues. Some friends kindly made a copy of the finales for me. It seemed appropriate. What could it hurt to watch again? I found out the answer to that was; just about everything involving my “Chuck” altered brain. It still hurt to watch Sarah without her glorious smile for the entire (99%) episode. What a waste. And, most of all it still hurt that the powers in charge got their ending at the expense of the fans. They knew that the vast majority of the fans wanted to finally see Chuck and Sarah at last one happy couple, together after almost five years of build up pointing to happy ever after. I still cannot believe the ending.

    But, they did give us, with the exception of the ending, one hell of a great finale that they should be proud of. And Yvonne and Zack really were magnificent. So thanks to all those that gave us the show, and the “Chuck” website that gave us a voice, and all the other fans that watched and fedback.

  3. Last night I went through CWS – “Chuck” Withdrawl Synptoms as most of you probably experienced when 8pm came and went.

    However, I’m writing this post for Chuck fans who are upset with the finale.
    It took some time and some emotional processing until I was “good” with how it ended, whether it gets a dvd movie or not (we all hope it does).
    I’m hoping after you read this, followed by watching the finale again you can find some peace and happiness with the finale.
    And enjoy watching all your Dvd’s many more times.

    Rationalize these things together and see if you feel better

    Sarah has always been slow at processing and accepting her emotions – falling in love with him, accepting it, missing “my Chuck” when the relationship was gone (Jill/Lou/Hanah/Bryce/Cole/Shaw),
    She tells Chuck she’s leaving but doesn’t really, it’s about time and space attempting to accept what she’s heard (Ellie, Morgan, Chuck, mission videos) and start to reasssemble things for herself. She finds her way to the original beach, retracing her clouded feelings & instincts (until Chuck finds her there)
    Ellie’s advice to Chuck – if you want her memories to be restored tug at her emotions (the stories on the beach make her laugh, cry, etc) even if the memories don’t come, it’s the emotions we attach/feel to those memories when we here them again that helps us relive the emotions of the past and remember.
    To steal a line from the Matrix – She’s beginning to believe (bits and pieces of recall), slowly accepting she dvd mission logs about her feelings for Chuck. “She” asks him to start telling her their story, “she” asks for the kiss – It’s Sarah initiating now, wants more, to feel the emotions and remember what she’s missing with Chuck. She starting to trust him & fall in love again – Ellie’s advice – > “just be yourself Chuck”

    Chuck’s wedding vows – he’ll show/earn/prove his love for her every day – memory or not, Chuck will not give up on her and make her fall in love again – love wains when we take each other for granted (Elle & Awesome comment on Chuck and Sarah’s maintaining romantic spark – winning her over and over again)

    The “kiss” brought Chuck back from brain eraser in the jungle so chances are it will do the same for Sarah.

    Anyone who loves this series, does so primarily for the emotional content and relationships that develop, above the brilliant comedy laughs and thrilling action sequences. In the end, even Casey shows Chuck some “Russian love (hug)” in the end instead of usual (threating to “end him”) and supports Chuck by bringing Sarah the untampered mission logs without being asked. He’s officially a “emotional softy” (Alex/Verbanski) as Sarah was, converted by Chuck.

    I think the expectation of having all questions clearly answered was compounded by the saddness of the series ending and the potential no new episodes to come. Emotional overload, it was too much and too fresh for us to process both “that” the series was ending and “how” it ended.
    Just because we didn’t get our wish to “witness” Sarah’s memories restored & pregnancy rumours confirmed, we know in our hearts how it will end – that she can’t help falling in love with him again because he’s “the one”, always has been.
    It’s the underlying relentless noble heart ultimately made us watch and appreciate the series in the first place.

    Hope this helps

  4. I have NEVER felt this way about a show before. The final 2 episodes had me on edge all way through…kept making me think “ok Sarah…start recalling things damnit!” After the final scene on the beach, I was left with an empty pit in my stomach…even till today. I really wish I did not erase the finale from our DVR…I am so pissed I now have to wait till May to watch the finale again. But…at least I have the first 4 seasons to look forward to on Amazon.

    As for those that want another season, I agree to an extent. Chuck still has the intersect and Sarah has a lot of “remembering” to do. Would love to see how they go about rebuilding their lives. The problem is I was satisfied and unsatisfied at with the finale as is–if that makes any sense. So, not 100% I need to see more.

    During the interview with Chris Fedak (or Josh Schwartz???), he made mention one day if a young kid came in and pitched a movie idea 10 years from now, it would be fun. 10 years? We Nerd Herders need something hopefully in the next 1-2 years…sorry for the senseless rambling. Just still trying to sort out my feelings about this finale.

    • Totaly agree with you, im still pissed ,mad , and dissapointed on what Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz thougt was brilliand in their “we must NOT do an perfect ending, lets screw the audience on every progress one of the main characters has developed under 5 years and we mayby will get some credits from the big movie companys about how smart we are” so sad that they did this. whis they where under contract with Disney the know at least the word happy ending.

  5. hi every body

    since i felt so depressed and desapointed with the official end of the best show ever, i decide to make my own one

    here is the link on youtube

    this could help you to go over (it reaaaally helps me), and say good bye to chuck and sarah. i hope you will enjoy it

    • Diana….that was great!!

      I just watched the beach scene again, is it me or did Yvonne bust out in her Austrailin accent when she said “Chuck, tell me ‘our’ story”

      You think that the devious duo made the ending like this so that we have something to look forward to? if it was a nice packged end….what then? Looking back at what you clipped together, there’s WAY too much of ‘charrah’ for them NOT to end together!

      I was a believer for Firefly….am gonna push for Chuck!!

    • Diana- Thanks for your very refreshing video. I love watching what fans like you can do for the rest of us. I will save under favorites. That is about as close to what I wish had happened.

    • They could almost just put it on the DVD straight from the Web site, except for a Chuck and Sarah Voice over it is perfect considering, How long did that take you to put together?

      • Hi Ross,

        thank you for your comment, very kind and cheerful
        it takes me about 3 hours,is it ok?
        should it take me more? or less??

  6. Everyone in my family knew when Chuck was on that was my time! My little dog Popper and I had our own thing we did at the beginning with the theme song each time. I love Chuck. I loved the ending of it too. Not tied up in a pretty package and all ends perfectly, but ending with hope and I can imagine what Chuck and Sarah will end up doing next – I don’t need the writers to tie it up for me. This way I can make up the rest and make it as sad or happy as I want. I can live with that. I am just sad it ended at all. I cried. Only one other show made me cry when it ended. Chuck is special the way it had everything, romance, mystery, comedy, sci-fi equipment, fight scenes. I already told my family for my birthday they are getting me the entire boxed set that you know will be coming out. So anytime I need to get away, I can go to Chuck world and get swept away for a while. Very Cool.

  7. First of all, I appreciate everyone’s comments here. It helps to process the grief. For me, the finale not only carried it’s own heartbreaking disappointment, and even anger at the laziness of the show’s creators, but also tapped into some real life grief. And even though Chuck was always full of emotional depth and we bought into these characters and their relationships, it was never, ever, about creating serious, lasting grief for the fans. That IS what they have left us with. It seems to me, having read several blogs about the finale, that the people most satisfied with the series ending are people who LIKE to cry when they watch TV. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But it sure isn’t why I loved CHUCK. So it was a pretty dirty trick they played on us. And Diana, I’m looking forward to viewing your video!

    Add me to the fans really, really hoping for a DVD movie…

    Paul, you put it very well, about the WASTE of not being able to see Sarah’s wonderful smile through almost the entire two hour finale. MC, thank you so much for that run-down of reasons to be optimistic, well-tied to other parts of the series (I’m going to have to get season 4 so I can re-watch the jungle episode now!–already have seasons 1-3). It was very therapeutic! I’ve been doing some of the same processing all week.

  8. I rewatched Chuck vs the Goodbye. Sarah definitely wants to get her life back. Also, the whole Morgan “one magical kiss” was beaten to death. Everybody knows that if a concept is brought up more than once in a movie/episode, then it is important. I think Sarah will eventually remember most, if not all, of what she forgot. However, I am almost certain that it will take months before she is completely her Season 5 normal self. I am still unhappy with the ending, but I can accept it. I would much prefer an ending that is wrapped up with a nice, tidy bow, but I will allow myself to be carried along.

  9. Hi All,

    I was surfing Youtube as you do on a Saturday night & came across a Skype conversation Zach had with fans after the 2 hour finale. Its quite interesting because like us Zach doesn’t want to let ‘Chuck’ ‘die’ either. When I find the link I’ll post it!!

  10. There is a rumor on the NBC boards that the season 5 DVD contains a featurette called Chuck VS the Future I don’t know if this includes extra scenes filmed with Zach and Yvonne to show the fans C/S future but it makes me to order my season 5 DVD It may make the fans who didn’t like the ending feel better

    • It’s not a rumor, it was in the press release from Warner Bros. that we posted a couple of days ago.

    • It would have to be pretty awesome to fix the finale disappointment. Anyway I’m not planning to buy anything until I know what exactly it is.

  11. For the first time since I turned 50 I feel grateful my memory isn’t what it used to be. I have been torn in whether to buy the series on dvd, because I didn’t think I could enjoy watching it again knowing how it ended. But after spending the last 8 days reading all the posts here and seeing the callbacks on the finale, I’ve come to realize just how much of this show I have forgotten. I guess after watching every episode that I so looked forward to the next that I never looked back. And of course thinking what a great show this was and believing that the fans would always find a way to save it, or more people would finally find it and allow it to stand on its own merit, I never considered buying them before. But thanks to all the fans here for reminding me just how fleeting my memory is these days. I have since ordered seasons 1 through 3, and plan on picking up 4 and 5 when 5 comes out in may.
    My plan is to watch a couple of episodes every friday night when i would normally watch Chuck. I figure at that rate it should take me about 2 years to get through all 5 seasons and by that time some network will be smart enough to pick up the show or they will have made a reunion movie. I hope that some network exec will be smart enough to realize he would be getting a show with a renewed story line, a built in sponser, and a loyal following.
    Until the last scene of the finale I never realized just how much I took this show for granted and how much I was emotionally invested in the relationship between Chuck and Sarah(and considering I’m a 51 yr old guy who looks like I just jumped off a Harley)took me by surprise.
    But enough of my rambling. I just wanted to say thanks to all the fans on this site who made me realize it was ok to go back and watch Chuck and Sarah fall in love all over again, and that I wasn’t alone in trying to get over this sinking feeling in my stomach.

  12. This is how I figured out the ending:

    • Trish- Thanks. Obviously, I really liked the whole visible video. I am not sure what the fade to black for one plus mins. was saying. Could you please enlighten me?

  13. Sorry, nine days later and I am still p.o.’d. Still say it was a slap in the face to all Chuck fans.

  14. I am having withdrawl symptoms. Does anyone have a recommendation for 1 week after loosing the intercect?

  15. Thanks Diana and trish for your alternate endings. Really, really liked them.
    My favourite so far is this one:

    probably because it´s so long…:-)

  16. A fan tweeted Zac on Friday and asked him if he had any words of consolation for those who were missing Chuck on Friday night. Typically Zac had a one-word answer with a smilely face. It was: Pineapple 🙂

  17. Re-watch the show (Im on S2) and pray for a movie. Get the rights moved to the creators.

  18. It’s true, as someone else already said, that if it takes watching over and over, and thinking and analyzing ad infinitum in order to make peace with the ending of a story, that story probably has not been told very well.
    On the other hand, I know many of us have been very emotionally affected by the way it ended, which is impressive after 10 days.
    At least after all the rewatching and thinking, I am finally at peace that the end of the story is actually a new beginning for Chuck and Sarah, one that can, and I’m sure will, be beautiful and satisfying.
    All the signs were there throughout the entire two hours that the Sarah we have seen develop and change over the last five years never really left, but was submerged, and over the course of the few weeks of the finale, was coming back at quite a pace. Sarah already trusts Chuck completely, and whether her memories returned with that magical kiss or not really doesn’t matter.
    As both Chuck and Sarah have said to each other any number of times, neither the house, the company, nor anything else, (even including all of their memories together) are important, as long as they have each other. That, they most certainly do. Good luck, Chuck and Sarah, and all our best.

    • Perhaps some of the nuance is part of their gift to us. We need to watch again to see all that they have packed into this show. Maybe that is what great TV should be.

  19. Day 11
    Things are calm.
    Nothing really to report, except I find myself sitting at my computer sad, lost and morose.
    Because I love CHUCK and its over, and I don’t know what to do about it.

  20. I wanted to comment that I still detest the ending and am happy to see fans create their own version of the final minutes of Chuck vs. the Goodbye. However, I recognize no approach would please every fan. For example, I didn’t like the pace or structure that finally put Chuck and Sarah together in Season 3, but I enjoyed the season’s finish.

    Before, the finale I remember reading comments from fans who felt the other season/series finales were rushed. I on the hand liked every one of those episodes. Therefore, I am not outraged at Mr.(s) Fedak and Schwartz because they are free to have their own creative vision of the show’s end. I may not like it and actually detest it, but I will put that in the context of the 89 other hours that I truly enjoyed. Moreover, their efforts created a show that I followed like no other for the last five years. I will not cancel my pre-order for Season 5 and will hope (like many others) for a reunion show.

    One final comment, I agree with patfan1. Two episodes of Chuck every Friday night for the next two years may be the best medicine for those of us who greatly miss the show.

  21. Long time Chuck fan. I’m 31, loved comics and nerdy movies through high school, played Legend of Zelda and Dragon Warrior and Metroid, went on the Gravitron when I was in middle school (remember those frightening fairground rides?). Parts of me sometimes thinks this show was made just for me! 😉

    AND aside from all that coolness and nerdiness, I’ve always loved the progression of the characters of Chuck and Sarah. They grow into their characters together, each influencing each other such that by the end you cannot imagine them apart. That’s WHY the first time I watched the finale I really really was upset. I mean, of course I LOVED it, but I really felt that Sarah’s character had been short-changed big time. In order to get over this bitter feeling, I re-watched a lot of the series, and those feelings actually got stronger, because I felt that Sarah’s character really had developed more than I originally thought, which made the “deletion” that much more heart-breaking.

    …..and then I re-watched the finale. And I just loved it. I love the ambiguity of the final kiss, but really, this second time around, it’s not ambiguous to me. They’re in love. Props to an earlier post who points out (correctly) that Chuck just keeps coming at her, but in the end it’s Sarah who says “Tell me our story” and Sarah who says “kiss me”. She wants to believe, and is starting to again/remembering it!

    Their story is epic. I think a complete memory wipe and then another go around (which succeeds!) makes it even MORE epic.

    I’m sorry I didn’t follow this board during the progression of the series. What a great resource though! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Aces!

  22. Okay….day 10 and I’m still alive. After reading about a million stories about the show and watching countless hours of video with the cast, I think I might just make it after all. I’m absolutely stunned at how depressed I was after the finale. At first my emotions were stirred up because of the questionable ending, but I think I’m starting to realize that I’m just bummed that my favorite show of all time is over. All I can do now is watch and enjoy the 5 great seasons we had (liking the two per week plan that people have mentioned) and continue to show my support in hopes of a movie/web series/etc.

    I just joined the 3-0 club, so I always felt I could identify with Chuck a little bit in regards to “growing up”. Over the last few years I’ve found my career, grown closer with my family, and figured out how I want to live the rest of my life. I’m certainly no spy with an intersect in my brain, haha…..but like Chuck , I’m a much different person now than I was 5 years ago. Having team Bartowski along for the ride just made it that much better.

    I’m glad to see this show has had such a positive affect on so many people, and thank you all for helping me get through the stages of Chuck-grief 🙂

  23. Jeremy, I think you are right. It didn’t really hit me that this was really it untill the last few minutes, and the ending didn’t help. I would not have believed that I could feel this way about the end of a TV show. I wish all the cast and crew great careers and hope that we have not seen the end.

  24. The final episode of Chuck has a similar premise to a movie coming out on 2/10/12. The movie is ‘The Vow’. The wife, played by Rachel McAdams, loses her memory in an automobile accident. She has no recollection of anything to do with her relationship with her husband. The husband, Played by Channing Tatum, has to re-woo her all over again. Now, obviously, the circumstances of memory loss, is different. But the premise of winning her back, maybe reviving her memory, rings familiar.

    • Thank you steve!

      i didn’t hear about this movie
      sounds aaawesome
      i like chaning tatum and Mc adams (this girl reaaaaly needs to be treated, losing her memories too often!! (-:

  25. Does anyone know where I can find the complete finale online? My stupid DVR decided to only record the first hour and I am dying to watch the second half. I’m getting tires of telling people not to tell me what happened and trying not to read the spoilers. Please help!

    • Unfortunately, no, it’s not available online yet. We’re hoping WB will release it to Hulu, iTunes, etc. soon.

  26. I don’t know why the ending of Chuck is so hard for me…. I have a life – kids, career, husband…now I just feel sad and disconnected from everything… I just keep watching twitter for #chuck – I feel ridiculous because I can’t tell anyone what is wrong with me – they would laugh and thing I was crazy or stupid. I think part of the problem is I watched Chuck alone while I ran on the treadmill – I would be so into the show that running became easier. I did not share the show with friends or family – it was MY show – now I have a hole. Chuck is the BEST show that I will ever watch – I watch a lot of shows and nothing really comes close. I’ve decided to start watching from the beginning with my family to hopefully end this sad, weird feeling. I really need to move on. I’m sure I will enjoy the series even more the second time – and I know my kids will love it 🙂

    • Samantha- I wouldn’t feel wierd about your feelings if I were you. It is absolutely amazing the effect the ending of “Chuck” is having on people. I am in the same boat you are. There are so many others writing in with the same words. I must say it seems so wierd to be so wrung out by our show. Sometimes I wonder if it is abnormal for me to feel this way. It would be interesting to know if some TV shrink could tell us if any other shows have affected their viewers like “Chuck” has.

      Have a great time watching with your family. Bet it helps.

      • Thank you Paul. I find your words comforting and I feel less alone – I’m still struggling with the feeling of loss but it will get better… The lost still doesn’t make since to me because I can enjoy the series any time on DVD… The story was complete and bitter sweet at the end – Sarah and Chuck’s story will continue just like a good book – I guess I didn’t want the story to end… My hope is the second time watching the story will be even better!

    • I know how you feel, it has been my show as well. Shared it with my brother in law and sister but they went to Japan for 2 years and missed everything past season 3. So while they want to finish the show, I can’t spoil it. I have (in the last week and a half) watched the first three seasons and cannot believe how much I missed the first time around, and still cannot help but feel robbed by the finale. Sarah isn’t talking about “my Chuck” and that is the show to me. While rewatching may help, it is still hard.

      Then again, I also cannot tell if the feelings are more related to the fact that I have to accept that it is actually over. No more Zac and Yvonne’s great on screen chemistry, no more Sarah (Lancaster) and Ryan’s awesome relationship. (Yeah I did it). So I leave you with this….pineapple

      • I woke up today with some clarity. I think that it is amazing that Chuck has had such a profound effect on me and others. Although Chuck was a major source of my happiness over the years, the end has made me realize that I need more happiness in my life. The loss of Chuck left me with a hole that I need to repair so I can be a more complete person – not just labels: mom, wife, designer… but the true ME. I need to rediscover myself. In other words, I feel that the end of Chuck has some how saved my life – His LAST mission – thank you Chuck!

  27. I got an email today at work from someone named Sara Walker and did a double take to make sure I was reading the name correctly. Now I have a meeting with her tomorrow morning. I hope I’ll be able to stay focused during the meeting.

  28. Google is making the Intersect glasses lol no but they are getting close to. read about it.they are making hud glasses who knows how long after that we may see real life Intersect glasses.

  29. Still bummed… Just sayin’!

  30. Hi Mel & Liz,

    It’s me again,not so silent like before since Chuck 5-13. Still getting by through life post Chuck. Really nothing new to say except I think Chuck isn’t over yet; though I know Chuck is over I think Chuck 5-13 is but another spectacular 2hr season finale. I had this epiphany over breakfast,and it began w/ the realization Jeffster was pirated by some stranger from Germany, just like that?

    Hear me out, I think they were kidnapped by some other organization,this overseas based, since their into the spy secret and they’re the weakest link in the team. Chuck and Sarah,well their together and did get her feelings if not her memory for Chuck. The couple with Organ will then save Jeffster. After a couple more mini missions, what they didn’t realize was that the real threat is back in U.S,in Chicago. Ellie and Devon were not wooed but were captured by some breakaway group from Fulcrum (since it seems they’re back and the Ring are amateurs)Fulcrum agent Vincent ( Arnold Vosloo) leading the assault so Ellie can recreate another intersect since all got destroyed. Again who else will save the day but Team Bartowski, now with Jeff and Lester ( whom I’ll assume will be the perpetual magnet; unparalleled comic relief right there). Few more episodes down, despite the intersect Chuck and his team got caught. Enter Casey and Team Verbanski. After which Carmichael Industries finally take on the role of countering cyberterrorism while their erstwhile competition Verbanski Corp.(unknown to most) Is family, being the field agents.

    Just spit balling. Haven’t gotten as far as the back 9 yet, but I know Jill Roberts, Cole Barker can be thrown in there somewhere and some new baddies.

    It’s a dream! I know it’s over but its just so damn hard now that the show is over.


    Silent Chuckster

  31. Just came across the movie “The Vow” and the real life story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. Makes me think f the series finale again. These things also has me thinking about my family as well…scary how everything can be lost in a single “flash.”

  32. What most of you fail to realice is that the writers left every possible lose end open. The story is not quite finished.

    This has been a series with a lot of turns. And I bet the writers wanted to create a “open ending”, so as not to rule out another season entirely. Of course, it’s not up to them. But, they’ve resurrected a couple of times from that “canceling ghost”.

    I don’t mean to let your hopes up, but you never know. At least, understand that, in order to be a secuel (another season) there has to be an open ending. That’s the idea of the creators, I believe.

    In the worst possible scenario, they were on denial too.

  33. In an odd way, the finale makes Season 3 more believable. If Sarah was really such a cold single minded spy, her reaction to Prague and her behavior throughout Season 3 (including Tooth) makes more sense.