Final Awesome Awards for Excellence in Chuck Fan Fiction

Nominations for the Awesome Awards for Excellence in Chuck Fan Fiction are open!

Fan fiction is one of the ways fans got themselves through long hiatuses and uncertain renewal prospects, with the result being there is now a large body of Chuck fan fiction available for your enjoyment. There are plenty of fics to read on various other sites, but one of the most active is found on

Every year since 2009, our Moderator has organized a recognition of Chuck fan fiction and its writers in the form of an awards roster, complete with a video prize annoucement. So after five seasons, we have now come to the fourth and final Awesome Awards for Excellence in Chuck Fan Fiction.

As you can see, the Awards have been expanded this year to include an “overall” group of categories to allow for nomination of authors and works over the full run of Chuck.

If you’ve never visited the world of Chuck fan fiction, now might be a good time to read some fanfiction, cast your votes and join in on forum discussions. And if you have your own Chuck story to tell, this is the place to post it.

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  1. I immmediately fell in love with this show, so much so that chuck fanfic was the first thing I ever wrote that I allowed others to read. The characters and wonderful stories provided entertainment and an escape from real life. Billatwork on has some great stories as do so many others. I highly encourage you to check them out.

  2. You know, I’ve read a few of the fanfics that are dealing with the aftermath of 5.13 with Chuck and Sarah; and I’m amazed to see that it’s more filled with anguish and angst than what even Fedak imagined.

    I can’t fathom how many fans are lacking faith that everything will be allright for Chuck and Sarah in the future (as Fedak himself said),that nothing can separate them, and that their love for each other is stronger than every obstacle put in their way, as IT HAS BEEN SHOWN SINCE SEASON 1!

    That was Fedak’s reason of putting them on the beach again, and having them sharing memories and a kiss, damn it!


    Due to poplular demand, the deadline for NOMINATIONS to this year’s Awesome Awards has been extended to Friday, February 10th.