Adam Baldwin Heads to Comic Con for FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Panel

Adam Baldwin Heads to Comic Con for FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Panel

The man they call Jayne is returning to the stage to celebrate the 10th anniversary of overnight cialis generic beloved, and gone too soon, sci-fi series Firefly. Adam Baldwin will return to Comic Con for the special event on Friday, July 13 at 12:30PM in Ballroom 20.

Also confirmed for the panel are creator/executive producer/Mayor of Comic Con Joss Whedon, writer Tim Minear, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, ┬áSean Maher, and Michael Fairman. We’re still waiting for the full schedule to be released, but barring something like Peter Jackson offering a one-on-one interview, we’ll be there!

(No, the schedule for NerdHQ hasn’t been released yet. We’ll post when it is.)


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  1. So we know Adam and Yvonne are going to be down there and most likely Zach, so why not a CHUCK reunion…..

    • I think that is an awsome idea. MEL- do you think you could (in spare time) line up a filmed interview with our three heros?

  2. hoban washburne

    I believe Joss Whedon will use this venue as the opportunity to brand advair diskus without prescription anounce that now that Avengers has made him one of the most successful movie-makers in Hollywood that he has obtained funding and permission from the copyright owners to make another Firefly movie. Of course I could be wrong.

  3. Well if a show that only had 15 episodes can have a reunion I would think a show with 91 episodes could have a reunion at comic con in a year or two hopefully to promote a Chuck movie. I am little worried Chuck hasn’t made it to syndication yet until it’s in syndication I think chances for a movie are very slim