Zachary Levi at the Chuck Comic Con 2011 panel

COMIC CON 2012: Chuck @ NerdHQ, Yvonne @ Dexter

Although Chuck is no longer on the air, the show’s presence remains strong here at Comic Con in San Diego. Today we’ll be attending the Chuck panel at NerdHQ and the Dexter panel with season 7 guest star Yvonne Strahovski. Full reports (and photos) will come later, but you can join in the fun as we live tweet both panels @chucktvdotnet. NerdHQ will also be live streaming their panels (aka Conversations).

Chuck @ NerdHQ
1:00PM Pacific (there are two panels; we’ll be at the second one)

Dexter @ Ballroom 20
6:00PM Pacific

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  1. Workin for a living kept me from seeing the Chuck panel. Hopefully it shows up on cheap viagra online without prescription Youtube!

  2. Here’s the link to the NerdHQ “Chuck” panel.

  3. Fun to see them all again i miss the show.

  4. Does anyone know how the CHUCK Season 5 DVD/BR sales are doing?