Chuck the Complete Series Coming to DVD & Blu-ray October 30

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced this week that a box set with all five seasons of Chuck will be released October 30.

As far as I can tell from the press release and the information on the back of the box art (see below), there aren’t any extras included in this set, so if you already have any or all of the seasons on DVD or Blu-ray, you aren’t missing out on anything other than the slip case.

Cost will be $149.98 SRP for the DVD set, and $179.98 SRP for the Blu-ray version, but will surely be discounted for the first few weeks of availability. Pre-order from Amazon for the best deal!

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  1. Hey there, I’m baffled by this news – I’ve already bought the season 1-5 box set (so yes, I’ve got the slipcase), and I certainly didn’t pay that much for it (was $65 Australian). I’m not sure if this helps anyone, but it is available *now* from (note that this is an Australian site). I hope this helps… Cheers, from one very happy birthday girl who got the Chuck box set today! 🙂

  2. NO Extras? boy am glad I have all 5 seasons. I would skip getting the box set.

  3. Not sure if anyone’s said this yet or not, but Chuck season 5 is finally available on UK itunes now ^_^

  4. Now I wish I would’ve bought the DVDs when they were $15 a season a couple weeks ago at Best Buy. 🙁 Next time they go on sale, I’ll just buy each season separately because it’ll be cheaper that way.

  5. I find this to be very good news for us Chucksters. It tells me that WB sees interest by folks in this great show and a demand for Chuck. The word must be spreading and more Chucksters are climbing aboard. Hopefully this new set will get their bottom line and renews the spark in getting Chuck back.
    When the noobs finish watching all 5 seasons, I’m hoping there’s an outcry in addition to ours combined. You know the old saying, you miss something when you lose it. 🙂

    *fingers crossed*

  6. A Chuck BR box set? I am SOLD

  7. I would love to see this used as a way to show the studios that Chuck fans are still legion! We still want to see more of our favorite spies and Nerd-herders. And we want a movie! 😉

    If you already have the DVDs or Blu-Rays, there’s nothing wrong with donating them to your local library (and maybe generating some new fans in the process) when the box set becomes available. Right?

  8. Is there any other Chuck fan sites still available? There was this other blog Chuck site I used to check but forgotten the link..

  9. I am assuming that by “no extras” you mean nothing beyond what the original single season sets provided, as in bloopers, etc. Can anyone confirm that?

    Regarding other Chuck blog sites, might you be referring to this one:

  10. I’m curious if anyone knows if pre-orders on this set will contain the 3-D episode from Season Two. I missed out on the pre-orders back in the day, and have really wanted to own this… feels incomplete without it, though I don’t even know that I would watch it in 3-D again.

    I’ve inquired of WB customer service already, but haven’t heard a reply.

    What the heck, I’m probably going to pre-order anyway… but it would be nice to know. 🙂

  11. All on my birthday, perfect.

  12. Already have DVD and Blue Ray for all 5 seasons, guess in order to show continous support in the hope of a movie, we will have to order a box set for Christmas for the family.

  13. I pre-ordered on Amazon today. I already have all five seasons, but this gives me a personal copy as well as a family loaner copy. My wife and I continue to re-watch the entire show, and there’s no guarantee how long the loan period is. My son has been asking when he can borrow Chuck to watch it again, or does he have to wait until he has to “pry it from my cold dead hands”! Still our favorite show, with nothing even coming in a close second.