Chuck fans have known for a long time that Yvonne Strahovski was something special, and now the rest of the world is getting a chance to find that out for themselves.

2012 in Review: Yvonne Strahovski

In addition to our usual Chuck Year in Review feature, coming later this month, we thought it would be fun to take a look at what some of the Chuck cast and crew have done this year following the end of the series. See the complete round up here.

Chuck fans have known for a long time that Yvonne Strahovski was something special, and now the rest of the world is getting a chance to find that out for themselves. Yvonne spent her first year post-Chuck working on both the big screen and small screen, conquering Broadway, and gracing the pages of magazines. Here are the highlights of Yvonne’s very good year.

Yvonne kicked off the year as the new spokesperson for Sobe Lifewater with Coconut Water, sporting amazing bodypaint and a stunning smile in their ad campaign. She promoted that campaign and the end of Chuck in an adorable interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, then got emotional in our own countdown to the finale.

As the final episodes of Chuck aired in January, Yvonne was in Australia filming I, Frankenstein opposite Aaron Eckhart (coming to theaters September 2013). Upon wrapping that project, Yvonne laid low for a bit before the news broke in June that she’d landed a major recurring role on Dexter. Later that month she accepted the Breakthrough Award from Australians in Film.

In July, Yvonne was back in San Diego for the 7th time to promote the upcoming season of Dexter, and stopped by Nerd HQ for a Chuck reunion. She followed up that appearance with a panel at the annual Television Critics Association fall press tour to tease a bit more about her new role before returning to Miami to continue filming.

Even before Dexter premiered, we found out that Yvonne would be making her Broadway debut at the end of the year in a revival of the American classic Golden Boy. Her first episode of the serial killer series aired in October, and she’ll (possibly) wrap up her run with the season finale on December 16.

Meanwhile, Yvonne graced the pages of O Magazine‘s November issue modeling nine colorful looks in a beautiful fashion spread. That same month she appeared at a photo call for Golden Boy as rehearsals got underway in New York. The production officially opened in December, and reviews of Yvonne’s performance as Lorna are outstanding.

With Dexter wrapping up a rejuvenated season on Sunday, a movie she worked on last year – The Guilt Trip – opening December 19, Golden Boy running on Broadway through January 20, and I, Frankenstein coming next Fall, it’s a good time to be a fan of Yvonne Strahovski.

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  1. cool, thanks mel!

  2. Great article!. I saw Golden Boy on Sunday and Yvonne was absolutely phenomenal. The rave reviews are very well deserved. Between Golden Boy and Dexter, she has proven to be a very brilliant and versatile actress. Congrats to Yvonne on a fantastic year and I wish her continued success!

    • Very cool, Jenny! I wish I had the opportunity to see Yvonne on stage; maybe next time.

      • Mel, I have an idea. How about setting up a specific date where the theater will be filled with Chucksters supporting Yvonne? I think Yvonne will be very surprised and possibly overwhelmed with joy. The fans will cheer, standing ovations, etc at Yvonne. Maybe a group buy for tickets? What do you think?

      • That would be challenging given the short timeframe and fact that it’s the holidays. It might be considered uncouth to do something like that at a live theater event, too. I recommend sending your support via Twitter instead.

      • Well, I didn’t mean before or during her performance, I meant when she takes a bow at the end. Also, the group together would be after the holidays. Let’s say in February? If the show goes that far? I think it would be cool because we’d be supporting her emotionally and financially. Anyway, just a thought.

      • Ah, gotcha. The show runs through January 20, so something would have to be pulled together before then.

      • Ok then, what do you suggest about the group buy and spreading the word? Twitter, FB, YT? Maybe aim for the 2/20/13 show? I’m in for sure! 🙂

      • JANUARY 20, not February (so 1/20, not 2/20). If you work out the details, I’ll post a note here and on

      • I do recommend you go. We saw Golden Boy last Sunday and focused on Ms Strahovski’s performance which was very good. The story itself was very interesting too.

  3. Great review. Yvonne has gone a long way and yes she is special. Her versatility, talent, dedication and humility clearly shows she can carry herself with flying colors in whatever she does. We are very proud of her accomplishments particularly in 2012, hence fully support and loves her.

  4. Yvonne’s great post ‘Chuck’ success has been phenomenal. But, as you said Mel, we all saw it coming during her five seasons with “Chuck”. She brought so much joy to my life for the five years I got to see her on ‘Chuck’, and although I am so happy for all the recognition and wonderful work Yvonne is doing now, I really wish I could see more of her like I was able to do in ‘Chuck’.