VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovski Visits ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’

Yvonne stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show yesterday to talk about her roles in the upcoming TV revival, 24: Live Another Day and the movie I, Frankenstein. She revealed that she leaves for London in a few days to work on 24, after promoting the movie which is released January 24. (I just realized that her life is full of the number “24” right now.) She also busts out her signature dance move for Arsenio. Check out the clips below.

Attached: Photos of Yvonne at the FOX All-Star Party on Monday via Zimbio

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  1. She is positively stunning and so classy. LOVE that sleek black dress below the knees and her straight shoulder-length hair. I’m sniffing that she and Zachary Levi were never a couple in real life – I loved them as Sarah and Chuck. Magic. I’m awaiting word on Zachary Levi’s next project/s. He definitely needs to be in projects equally good as the wonderful roles that Yvonne Strahovski is getting. She deserves them – she is a fine actress. I think Zac Levi deserves them, too. I’ll pop in again to see what you find out, Mel.

  2. Oh Yvonne….she’s always so gorgeous and I have Beau’s same thoughts. Looking forward seeing Yvonne in 24! 🙂

  3. Yvonne is a great actress, no doubt.

    However, she is flat out, the coolest chick on TV period!

    The woman is a treasure.


  4. Oh! I love her. So excited to see that she’s moving on to new projects. Hopefully the other Chuck cast will in the near future. I must say she looks stunning and seems like a really cool person in these interviews.