VIDEO: New Clip from ‘I, Frankenstein’ featuring Yvonne Strahovski & Bill Nighy

Yvonne week continues! A new clip from I, Frankenstein was released a couple of days ago, showing a brief conversation between Yvonne Strahovski’s scientist and Bill Nighy’s slightly menacing fellow who is more than he appears. Sounds like Yvonne gets to use her real accent in this one!

I, Frankenstein debuts in theaters Friday, January 24.

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  1. Just a quibble on the observation about Yvonne using her “real accent.” She is Australian but the character she is playing in I, Frankenstein is British, so the accents are, in fact, different.

    • Is the scientist British? I thought she was Australian.

      • The movie was certainly filmed in Australia, but the character Terra is British. I know she said so in an interview at one point (which I cannot currently locate…). In my opinion, the clip you provide above confirms it. I think she sounds quite different than she does in interviews.

    • Yvonne has seemed to have lost most of her native accent. Just listen to her past interviews and the accent was there. As time went by, it was getting less. Was it done on purpose? I don’t know. So my guess is that now she’s forcing her native accent and it sounds a tad fake. But seriously, I don’t care. She’s an Angel. 🙂

  2. Hi All,

    Yvonne’s British Accent is the same as the one she used in season 4’s vs Agent X meeting Mamma Winterbottom. I wish her ever success with this project and upcoming ones such as 24.