Ultimate Chuck/Sarah Moment: FINAL ROUND

After three weeks and thousands of votes, you’ve chosen your Ultimate Chuck/Sarah Moment for each season. Now comes the showdown for the Ultimate Chuck/Sarah Moment of all time.

*cue fanfare*

In this poll, the winners from each season are pitted against each other to determine the overall winner. Make the case for your favorite in the comments, but remember, you can only vote once!

Round 4 voting ends Sunday, March 30, 2014, at 11:59PM Pacific.

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  1. I really dont like that quote from Phase Three about she nothing without him.Talk about reducing someones worth.She is only worth something if she is with Chuck? Damn, talk about misogynist.

    • I think it is meant to be taken in a mutual way, we are meant to understand as viewers that they are a mutually symbiotic relationship, each thrive together and each would wither apart.

    • I get where you’re coming from, Malkavian, and taken out of context, that statement does appear misogynistic. But if you know Sarah at all, then you know that she is acknowledging the impact he’s had on her life and her desire to live it with him.

    • Sarah knows that her life has changed for the BEST because of her nerd, Chuck. She realizes that she can lose it all if Chuck doesn’t come back from the ‘coma’. She knows that if she does lose Chuck, she’ll be back to pre Chuck and that terrifies her. That’s why she said what she said. She’s not belittling herself. She’s acknowledging that Chuck changed her….saved her. She loves her life now and she doesn’t want to be an unemotional robot again. She desperate. She NEEDS Chuck.

  2. I vote for “Colonel” because it is the first time Sarah is not afraid to show Chuck she wants a serious relationship with him. Not because it has sex in it (which was not consummated, and didn’t need to be) . But because it is their first display that their relationship has become mutually serious. And the scene was shot in such a warm and romantic way. I realize that just because someone sleeps with someone does not normally mean “it’s love”. But, Sarah would not take that step unless it was finally an admission of love for Chuck. Which makes it the most romantic scene for me.
    Thanks Mel for putting this all together.

  3. For me, it’s got to be “You’re still my Chuck.” It took me ten minutes to decide, but I’m now sure that’s the right answer for me.

    All the others are epic moments for different reasons – some emotional, some surprising, some heartwrenching – but this is the moment that, for me, everything changed. They’d been doing the whole WTWT for two-and-a-half seasons, and even though the end of season 2 (and especially the moment from Chuck vs the Colonel) made it SEEM like things were changing… they didn’t.
    This moment in Chuck vs the Other Guy comes half an episode after Chuck confesses his love (at the end of Chuck vs the American Hero, “I’ve already given the fancy eloquent version of this speech before, I’m going to be blunt and honest: I love you…”) and it’s the moment/scene when Sarah finally verbally confesses her love for Chuck!

    Before this scene, their relationship had always (mostly) been a back-and-forth. Now, it was finally a ‘working together’.

  4. It wasn’t so much the statement, but the intensity of Yvonne’s acting in that episode, and especially when she finally got to Chuck. Context is important….. Casey’s, ” Graham’s wild card assassin” and “you need me” were quickly rebuked by, “No, I need Chuck”. This has always been Sarah’s conflict … being the unemotional spy, or being a normal person. With Chuck, she IS who she really wants to be.

  5. Well, I got the second best but really there all good. How can a terrific show with a remarkable cast be canceled when it in body’s action, comedy, drama, love, and friendship. What show can day the same… Answer: None!

  6. I agree with Saywell, that moment where Sarah finally tears down her intimacy walls and admits to having real feelings for Chuck. Plus that whole scene is just heart warming ‘You’re still my Chuck’. Plus it had been building for over years so it was a powerful moment to see it finally happening.