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Yvonne Strahovski in NY Post {new photos}

The New York Post has a new interview with Yvonne Strahovski, along with stunning photos of Yvonne in gorgeous spring dresses and levitra online buy shoes that. I. need. now.

While it’s lovely to get some new about Yvonne’s role in 24: Live Another Day, this reporter clearly doesn’t know much about her career trajectory. The piece is written as though 24 is Yvonne’s first major role, basically writing off Chuck and Dexter as “recurring roles”. Ahem.

Here’s an excerpt about 24:

Strahovski, 31, says she plays her super-agent character, Kate Morgan, with a purposeful coldness and detachment. Morgan has been unwittingly married to a traitor, which she and the audience discover as the show opens. Strahovski delivers a star-making performance on the聽highly anticipated 鈥24鈥 reboot, which premieres May 5 on Fox and picks up four years after the original series ended its nine-year run in 2010 鈥 with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) living as a fugitive in London.

鈥淵ou meet Kate at a point in her life when she鈥檚 feeling dejected and doesn鈥檛 have a lot to hold onto,鈥 Strahovski says. 鈥淲hen Jack Bauer comes into the picture, and she has an opportunity to make things right and maybe prove herself, she jumps at it, and then turns into someone who鈥檚 hunting him in a way. It鈥檚 dark.鈥

Beyond that, Strahovski can鈥檛 reveal much more about the closely guarded plot.

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  1. They are absolutely fantastic pictures. And yes they do say Spring is here. The full interview is a great read as well and http://www.albert.krakow.pl/canadian-pharmacy-shop brings out her tomboy inner self along withher fun loving free spirit.

  2. Ah, there’s my girl! Never watched 24, I will now! :)

  3. Yeah, that writer is pretty dumb. She acts as if Dexter was before Chuck and Chuck WASN’T Yvonne’s break here, as if 24 is. “Meet the stunner from Down Under,” as if no one has seen her before, and a starring role from 2007-2012 never existed.