Chuck Campaign: Watch/Buy/Share

Chuck fans, are you looking for a way to help Chuck get a third season on NBC? Letter writing and petitioning have their place, but the only now most powerful message we can send NBC is through watching, buying, and sharing Chuck.


  • Watch Chuck live on NBC Mondays at 8/7c.
  • Watch Chuck online at and
  • Watch Chuck season one online at


  • Buy season 1 on DVD or Blu-ray.
  • Buy episodes from season 1 and season 2 on Chuck or Amazon or Xbox Live and Playstation Network.
  • Pre-order season 2 on DVD or Blu-ray.


  • Loan your DVDs to your friends and get them hooked on Chuck.
  • Send your friends a gift certificate for a couple of episodes of generic cialis sale Chuck on Chuck or Amazon.
  • Vote in E!Online’s Save One Show poll and share your opinion about Chuck.

Networks respond to buy cheap generic levitra online numbers, especially when preceeded by $ signs, so let’s show them OUR numbers!

Chuck Campaign: Write a Letter

In addition to providing ratings numbers, we can make a huge impact with a handwritten (or typed but handsigned) letter expressing our desire for a third season of Chuck. One personal letter mailed to the network is worth hundreds, even thousands of signatures on an online petition or emails to the network. If a fan takes the time to write a letter and send it snail mail, that speaks loudly. If hundreds and cod tramadol saturday prescription thousands of fans write letters and send them in snail mail, that speaks at a volume that cannot be ignored. So please, take a few minutes to put pen to paper and write to best buy viagra NBC about your wish for a third season of Chuck.


  • DO be respectful.
  • DON’T be threatening. “I’ll never watch NBC again!” doesn’t have any impact.
  • DO mention your age, gender and general geographic location. We want to show what a broad fanbase this show has.
  • DO tell them whether or not you’re a Nielsen viewer. If you’re not a Nielsen viewer, remind them that your viewership still deserves to be counted.
  • DO tell them if you watch/buy Chuck on other platforms (iTunes,, PS3, etc.)
  • DO tell them why you want Chuck to stay on the air.
  • DON’T complain about a storyline that you aren’t fond of. Keep comments about the show positive.
  • DO handwrite your letter if possible. If not, at least sign it by hand.
  • DON’T send in a template/form letter. It’s okay to model your letter on super active cialis 20mg someone else’s (we recommend Rachel’s), but make it your own.
  • DO send in a box of Nerds candy with your letter, as per Josh Schwartz’s suggestion.
  • DO write today!

Where to Send Your Letter:

Ben Silverman
3000 W. Alameda
Admin Building
Burbank, CA 91523

Angela Bromstad
President of Primetime Series
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg 1320, 4th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

Finale & a Footlong

To reward and incentivize Subway for their product placement support of Chuck, on the evening of the  season finale, April 27th, go to your local Subway to purchase a $5 FOOTLONG. Drop a note in the comment box at the the best choice franchise letting them know you’re participating in the campaign to buying levitra save NBC’s Chuck, of which Subway is a product placement sponsor. If you plan to do this, be sure to include that intent in your letters to Ben Silverman and Angela Bromstad at NBC. (Thanks to Wendy for the idea!)

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Once you’ve done your part, be sure to enter our giveaway!

Supporters is a proud supporter of getting prescriptions for levitra our campaign. Visit their site to watch season 1 of Chuck online for free, then tell your friends!
Chicago Tribune

You can be a supporter to! The banners below are provided for you to help spread the word about our campaign. Feel free to recommended site take any or all of them (Right Click + Save As), upload them to your own website/blog/Facebook/MySpace/Whatever, and link them back to this page. Many thanks to Chad for creating these banners.

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