Episode 3.10

Title: “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”
Airdate: March 15, 2010
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Official Synopsis – added 2.27.10
Chuck AND Sarah MUST CLEAR Casey’S GOOD NAME- ROBERT PATRICK (”Terminator 2: Judgment Day”) GUEST STARS –Casey (Adam Baldwin) carries out a side mission for his old commanding officer James Keller (guest star Robert Patrick) that leads to him committing treason. When Chuck (Zachary Levi) learns the dark truth about Col. Keller, he and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) set out to break Casey out of jail and clear his name. Meanwhile, Awesome’s (Ryan McPartlin) plan to keep Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) out of danger gets more difficult when she gets her dream fellowship. Joshua Gomez also stars.

Does Casey Have a Daughter? – added 2.26.10

Popping over to IMDb to find the answer to a niggling question, I noticed that a few guest actors have been matched up with some names we saw on the casting call for Chuck episode 3.10, “Chuck vs. the Tic Tac”. If we connect some dots, did IMDb just spill some beans? Here are the facts:

  • Episode 3.10 is a Casey-centric episode, complete with flashbacks.
  • Robert Patrick stars as Colonel Keller.
  • IMDb lists Clare Carey as playing Kathleen McHugh, described as 40, attractive, sexy, strong and independent.
  • IMDb lists Alexandra Bromstad as playing young Kathleen. In other words, Kathleen is part of Casey’s flashback.
  • Here’s where it gets really interesting: IMDb lists Mekenna Melvin as playing Alex McHugh. The only “Alex” in the casting call is “Alex Coburn”, described as “A young Marine. 6’ 2”- 6’ 4”. Athletic build. Brown hair, blue eyes.” That Alex sounds male. Was it a feint to throw us off from the real Alex?
  • TV Guide revealed that one character has a child.

Put all of that together and what do you get? A woman from Casey’s past who reappears, with a daughter who is at least 16, possibly older.  Is Casey the daddy? Or did IMDb screw something up? Or is it too late on a Friday afternoon to be attempting logical thought?

Casting Call – added 10.27.09
[COLONEL JAMES KELLER] (55) but needs to be able to play younger in flashbacks. Military man for life, yet relatable and casual despite his rank. GUEST STAR. All ethnicities

[STANLEY FITZROY] (mid-30’s) shockingly short, but not a little person. Total geek. GUEST STAR (possibly one day guest star). All ethnicities.

[KATHLEEN MCHUGH] (40) Attractive and sexy. Strong. Independent. Think Connie Britton as prototype.  GUEST STAR (possibly one day guest star)

[ALEX COBURN] (25). A young Marine. 6’ 2”- 6’ 4”. Athletic build. Brown hair, blue eyes. CO-STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

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