Save 15% On Chuck Merchandise Premiere Night Only


The NBC Store is having an awesome Chuck sale for a few hours tonight in honor of the season premiere. Celebrate the new season with a Facebook Fan Exclusive 25% Off Chuck merchandise and 15% off media at the NBC Store until 11:59 PT! Enter AWESOME at checkout to apply discount. Shop now; offer expires at 11:59PT Friday, October 28, ... Read More »

Friday Five: Chuck Season 5 Questions Answered (SPOILERS)


Happy Chuck day! This week’s Friday Five is spoileriffic, so if you’re trying to stay spoiler-free before tonight’s big season premiere, perhaps you could go vote for Chuck in the TV Guide cover poll instead. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! After posting my advance review of season 5, there were questions. Here are the answers to five of them. Is Sarah and ... Read More »

Tonight on Chuck: “Chuck vs. the Zoom”


Happy Chuck day! The wait is lowest price generic viagra over and season 5 kicks off tonight at 8/7c with “Chuck vs. the Zoom”. AS CHUCK BEGINS LIFE AS A SPY-FOR-HIRE, HE MUST ADJUST TO HIS NEW BUSINESS, NEW THREATS, AND A NEW INTERSECT — HIS BEST FRIEND MORGAN GRIMES – MARK HAMILL AND CRAIG KILBORN GUEST STAR—Without the Intersect in his head or ... Read More »

Win a Chuck Season 5 T-Shirt!


Happy Chuck day! Yes, I will be starting every post with that salutation today. You’ve been warned. We’re very excited that Chuck is finally returning to only here our screens, kicking off season 5 and a whole lotta changes for our heroes. In honor of this, the final season, we will be giving away a bunch of swag that we’ve accumulated over ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Official Synopsis for Chuck Episode 5.04


One more sleep until Chuck returns! In the meantime, feast your eyes on cialis pills online the official synopsis for Chuck episode 5.04, “Chuck vs. the Business Trip”, courtesy of where can i get viagra NBC. CHUCK AND SARAH MUST UNCOVER AN ASSASSIN AMONG THE EMPLOYEES OF A BUY MORE SALES CONVENTION—DAVID KOECHNER AND CATHERINE DENT GUEST STAR—Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) go undercover at a ... Read More »

Zap2It’s Top 25 Chuck Moment’s and Mo Ryan’s Advance Review

CHUCK -- Season:5 -- Pictured: Adam Baldwin as John Casey -- Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth

Got a couple of news items for you today, Chucksters. First, Rick over at Zap2It polled fans on Twitter for their favorite Chuck moments from the first four seasons and put together this delightful walk down memory lane. Second, Mo Ryan has her advance review of the first three episodes up at AOLTV (minor spoilers), with a query at the ... Read More »

VIDEO: Ode to Chuck & Morgan


NBC put together an ode to the Chuck & Morgan bromance, best friends since before Morgan had a beard. Relive the magic, the nerdiness, the laughter, the fights, and the Star Wars references from the past four years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call my BFF. Read More »

SPOILERS: Morgansect Goes Awry?


I tried to keep any allusions to this development out of my advance review, but since Zac sort of spilled the beans in a recent interview, I guess it’s fair game. Here’s the latest Chuck tease from TV Guide: How does Morgan handle being the levitra from canada Intersect on Chuck?  — Bart NATALIE: As we revealed last week, being the Intersect will go to Morgan’s ... Read More »