VIDEO: Two Sneak Peeks at “Chuck vs. the Zoom”


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! NBC is giving Chuck fans a sneak peek at the season premiere, “Chuck vs. the Zoom”, including an explanation of the title and a little wink-wink for Beckman fans. Note: These may not be available outside the U.S. depending ... Read More »

Chuck’s Triumphant Return: An Advance Review of Season 5


Here we are, at the cusp of the final season of Chuck, in varying degrees of anticipation, excitement, nostalgia, and sadness. It’s an odd time to be a Chuck fan; on the one hand, we can’t wait to see our old friends again, but on the other hand we know that every episode takes us one step closer to the end. But here’s ... Read More »

Chuck Writer Kristin Newman on TV Writer Podcast


Kristin Newman joined the Chuck writing staff last season, and quickly became a fan favorite. (Full disclosure: I sent her fan mail over the summer. I couldn’t help it.) Gray Jones, our Chuck vs. the Podcast co-host, snagged Kristin for a terrific interview on TV Writer Podcast. Listen in as she talks about her career working on shows like Everybody ... Read More »

CASTING NEWS: Bo Derek to Guest on Chuck


The Hollywood Reporter just scooped that Bo Derek will guest star in the latter part of Chuck season 5, but her role is shrouded in mystery. What they can say is that she’ll be playing herself when she appears in episode 5.10, and “her arrival will reveal stunning secrets, as well as a forbidden romance with one of the characters.” ... Read More »

TV Guide Fan Favorite Cover, Round 2!

Vote for Chuck in the TV Guide fan favorite poll

Remember last year when we narrowly lost the first annual competition for the TV Guide fan favorite cover to those Winchester brothers? They’re officially retired now, and we’re getting another chance! The second annual competition for the TV Guide fan favorite cover is underway, and it’s going to be a lot harder to cheat this time. Not that we know ... Read More »

A Note from Schwartz & Fedak re: Chuck Season 5


Those of you who follow on Twitter saw my squee when I got home from work on Friday and saw that NBC had sent over the first 3 episodes of Chuck season 5. My review is coming later this week, but I thought I’d share the note from Schwartz & Fedak that came with it so you get a ... Read More »

VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovski Beats Up a Rabbit


And now for something completely different! As part of Conan O’Brien’s Shocktober celebration, Team Coco invited Yvonne Strahovski to stop by and beat up a rabbit. Or rather, a man in a rabbit costume. Apparently Yvonne is not a fan of rabbits. She Tweeted, “yes. i did this.” (Yes, she’s wearing extensions. Sarah has short hair in at least the ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Official Synopsis for Chuck 5.02


NBC released their official synopsis for Chuck episode 5.02, “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit”, just in time to brighten our Friday afternoon. CARRIE-ANNE MOSS (“THE MATRIX”) GUEST STARS AS ‘GERTRUDE VERBANSKI’—JEFF FAHEY AND JUSTIN HARTLEY ALSO GUEST STAR—As the team takes on a missing persons case, Chuck (Zachary Levi) and company struggle to establish themselves as Carmichael Industries in the ... Read More »