Zap2It’s Top 25 Chuck Moment’s and Mo Ryan’s Advance Review

CHUCK -- Season:5 -- Pictured: Adam Baldwin as John Casey -- Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! Got a couple of news items for you today, Chucksters. First, Rick over at Zap2It polled fans on Twitter for their favorite Chuck moments from the first four seasons and put together this delightful walk down memory lane. Second, ... Read More »

VIDEO: Ode to Chuck & Morgan


NBC put together an ode to the Chuck & Morgan bromance, best friends since before Morgan had a beard. Relive the magic, the nerdiness, the laughter, the fights, and the Star Wars references from the past four years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call my BFF. Read More »

SPOILERS: Morgansect Goes Awry?


I tried to keep any allusions to this development out of my advance review, but since Zac sort of spilled the beans in a recent interview, I guess it’s fair game. Here’s the latest Chuck tease from TV Guide: How does Morgan handle being the Intersect on Chuck?  — Bart NATALIE: As we revealed last week, being the Intersect will go to Morgan’s ... Read More »

How Much Does an Ad During Chuck Cost?


AdAge released their annual list of ad prices for various shows on all of the networks today, including NBC. Here’s the list of what it would cost to buy a 30-second commercial on Chuck or any of the other shows on NBC. (Note: These rates were assessed prior to the beginning of the season and are not based on current ... Read More »

VIDEO: Sneak Peek at Chuck Season 5 (SPOILERS)


Ready for a spoiler-filled sneak peek at the first half of Chuck season 5? Get your first look at Carrie-Anne Moss as Gertrude Verbanski, Danny Pudi as…I’m not even going to attempt to spell that name, and Rebecca Romijn as Robin Cunnings plus the cast talk about filming the final season. Get excited! Thanks to for grabbing! Read More »

VIDEO: Interviews with Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, & Joshua Gomez

Chuck grabbed the video interviews NBC conducted on the set of “Chuck vs. the Curse” with Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Joshua Gomez talking about the new season including sneak peeks at the season premiere and the episode Zac directed. Take a look. WARNING: Spoilers! Trivia: That’s playing on the Buy More screens behind Zac and Josh. Read More »

Friday Five: Things to do this week while we wait for S5


One more week before the season 5 premiere, Chucksters! If you’re like me, you’re wicked envious of Mel right now for getting a screener and wondering how you’ll get through the week. Because I care about you, I’m here to help! Top 5 things to do while you wait for the Chuck premiere: 1. Identity theft is very common these ... Read More »